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Black Orc

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Black Orc

Post#1 » Sun May 28, 2023 3:18 am

Hey guys, I started a black orc about a year ago and got to about level 35, and eventually just felt like "Why did I put all of this time into leveling this class it sucks compared to every other tank...". It was ultimately a large part of why I put down RoR.

So, Black Orc seems to have been in a sorry state & does literally nothing better than any other tank (unless you want to say 'oh it does DPS better... but it's not a DPS class & will be smoked by any actual DPS).

Lately I have been thinking of playing again. Have the RoR team decided to just leave BO in this lamentable state or have they actually updated the class' skillset and made them viable?

Why is Swordmaster so good & BO so terrible? How is that acceptable?

To me this seems like a classic example of overcompensation. BO was overpowered early on so they decided to nuke it into the ground & go "well I'm glad that's settled", meanwhile anybody who wants to play what is a very cool class gets screwed & their time is not respected.

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Re: Black Orc

Post#2 » Sun May 28, 2023 5:11 am

BO is decent other than the fact that it lacks a feasible punt. You do well in a melee train by buffing your melee dps and debuffing the enemy melee. I won't go into specifics too much, but you have to look at everything you have.

Every tank needs a KD, so you'll have a KD and a silence to annoy the enemy healers. You also want, Not in Da Face, which works well against dps and healers alike. Can't hit me is great for surviving heavy pressure, and so on. 2-handed spec I have less experience with, and you'll want BiS or close to it to run 2-handed effectively.

SM is better than BO because they have whispering winds cooldown decreaser. They have a better 2-hand spec, BO better SnB. They do more dps because SM does magic damage, but tank damage is crap anyway. What you want to be doing is buffing your melee dps which the BO does well even with core abilities like, Wot Armor, Follow Me Lead, and Skull Thumper.
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Re: Black Orc

Post#3 » Sun May 28, 2023 6:37 am

Sounds like you would, have been happier, playing a 2-handed BlackGuard. Each class is good, at different things. I set my B.O. up for group protection, and as a door stop. It worked great,(and I was, still in green gear). HINT: use CHANGE THE PLAN often. Make sure to spent alot of time, on a well thought out talent tree/renown pts.(potions,ect.) And, It does NO good, to do all of that, .... if you don't push the right buttons, at the right time. Good luck ... P.S. ... Why is a Sword Master, able to Leap ? (a tank, in heavy armor, moving like that, is crazy.)
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