Battlefield Domination Rework

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Battlefield Domination Rework

Post#1 » Mon Apr 08, 2024 3:32 pm

Battlefield Domination is a buff you get when your faction controls one or more BOs in a zone. It gives +10% renown/XP per BO held, affecting everyone in the zone (even outside of the lakes). Many people don't even notice or care about it as it's one of those things that is "always there".

I suggest that the global buff is removed, and instead a +15%* renown/XP buff is awarded for 15* minutes to all of those present at the BO when it caps. This can be stacked by capping multiple different BOs, awarding up to +60% if you're able to be present for 4 BO caps before the first buff wears off. The buff would be per-BO, so re-capping the same BO would only refresh the timer for that BO, not give another +15% stack.

This would hopefully encourage more fighting and capping of BOs and reduce the amount of static fights. It does have the potential to reduce overall renown gain if one faction is dominating a zone - if all the BOs are held then after 15 minutes the buffs would expire and there would be no way to refresh them. Whether this is a good or bad thing I cannot say!

*These are example numbers and can of course be adjusted as needed.


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