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Event GM Application

After each round of recruitment, previous applications will be moved here. When we open positions in the future, those interested should post a new application.

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Event GM Application

Post#1 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:12 am

Hello there, Nach here.
I'm a mmorpg pvp enthusiast and the reason I'm posting here is because im aiming to become a Game Master on this private server. I used to be one back at World of Warcraft, to be more specific, my role was to come up with PvP and PvE Events to break the routine and show players a different aproach to the game. Why I did this, I realized that by creating events I gave players some fun and joy, that was my reward, watching others enjoy the work I put in for them.
I was a casual player back at Live and in the begginings of RoR. Now I'm playing a lot because of health issues (must stay at home for a long time) So I'm able to play almost 24/7.

personal information:
24 years of age, male, single, no childs, work as Master Cook at an Italian Restaurant, Sports enthusiast (inline freeskating, swimming and martial arts are my daily activities)

Experience as GM:
Almost two years of GMing (Roleplaying, PvP and PvE oriented events)

Event ideas:
-Weekly tournaments, such as 1v1 2v2 3v3, modified Arenas, like in Rome, so people can watch their idols, root for them and even make bets on it, that may work as currency income.
-WANTED: have a forum section where you are rewarded by killing a wanted player, this may open up interesting roleplaying pvp.
-City Invasions

PvE: Stairs to Heaven, Laberynths, Seek and Destroy, Seek and Claim your Reward, racial role play, Sports Racing-Parkour competitions. Appereance fashion events, because if you look good you feel good. Weddings, GM morphs into a creature of mass destruction, will your group be able to kill it before the opposition does?...One can come up with lots of ideas on this one. endless possibilties.

Anyways, that's all im gonna write about it, have lots of ideas but I won't put 'em all on the table since it's just an application.

If you are interested in what I offer, hit me up with a private message so we can talk business.
Thanks for taking the time of reading this. Hope the best for y'all and thanks for getting this game back to life, cya all in-game!

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