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Cleansing An Empire - guide for a good weapon

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Cleansing An Empire - guide for a good weapon

Post#1 » Thu Mar 03, 2016 10:47 am

Cleansing An Empire

This is a guide for the quest row for one of the "epic" weapons. They are not as good as the Boundless or maybe even Eternal or scenario ones,but a good thing to work on if you just entered t3 and want a "easy" to obtain weapon.The nice appearance option is also a "long time" reward.
Most parts of this quest row are soloable,but some are a bit tough if you are actually somewhere between rank 20 and rank 27. A small party of tank,dps and heal greatly speeds up the process,especially when you have to enter the temple of Change or the Underbaum Castle. Amd a party usually shares the kills,so far faster than doing it solo.

The starting quest is at Chapter 10 giver named Gerard Cammen.

First part needs you to find a corpse at the PQ "The Foetid Plains". Simply go up the mountain ridge and encircle the PQ until you are west of it (at 6500/21800). Junp down and close in on the corpse you have to click on (9400/20700).
Note: someone told me,that inside the "maze" dungeon, reachable by the protal on Altdorf market place enxt to the dwarf, there it a corpse at the first corner that will also do the job. Not really a shortcut,but maybe useful for the very desperate.

Second parts leads you right back to the PQ to kill some npc.

Third part of the row sends you to the Temple of Change PQ. Talk to the Elf NPCAvurel Greywind in front of it to delvier this one in and get

Forth part of the quest row. You need to enter the Temple, kill some NPC and reach the end of the temple to find the greystone. The greystone is a little rock on the ground just in front of the summoning circle in the back ground. Fighting through the heaps of NPC at the Temple entrance is a tough thing. If you are not already rank 30+ or a engi/grace WP you may want the assistance of a party to do this. Kill speed in the 20s is just not really high enough to get through the npc before the first ones respawn. If you clear the first 4 npc at the entrance and having picked out soem of the npc you have to kill for the quest you may try an attempt to "flee" to the greystone ignoring incoming damage...a healing over time potion may work in your favor for this. Return to the elf.

Fifth part of the quest brings you to Chapter 12 Empire. Ignore the quest text, just talk to Dreke Hutchke, the male NPC next to the big dog (which is better animated than my Skaven event dog!)

Sixth quest needs you to find Doctor Zumwald for the first time and put him out of business. You can sneak yourself quite unharmed past the npc if you are carefuluntil you are at the Shrine of Tzeentch PQ and drag Zumwald out for the kill. He sits next to a hero,so be a bit careful. Another way is to kill the Zumwald NPC spawning next to the road to next Empire chapter at position 55700/57100.

Seventh quest needs you to find a vial. Just ride north with a little touch to the right from the questgiver, the vial (actually three little bottles on the floor) is at 46000/48000. And ride back to give the quest in.

Eight part needs you to talk to Mathilde Drum,a friendly female Warpriest at 55700/57100, just next to the road to Talabecland. Talk to her to get the nienth part of the quest,turn around and snuff Zumwald again. Talk to the WP again to get the next quest.

Part 10 leads you to Talabecland. The friendly NPC is named Elise Land and stands next to a tree short of the village to the right near a landed ship (53000/17000).
Talk to ELise Land again for the next quest, go back to Chapter 13 and talk to Strom von Heynau.

Part 12 will bring you to chapter 14...instead of riding you could use chapter 13 flightmaster to fly to Highpass and back to Talabecland. The NPC to talk to is on the other of the tree than the flightmaster named Lucius Hausen. He is the questgiver and - taker for the rest of the quest..

Part 13 is a kill quest...just ride south to the entrance of the cemetary...there is 1 guard and 2 peasants nearby...kill these 4 time...havent found another guard in the cemetary and it is probably faster to wait for respawns than to comb the area.

Part 14 is about killing Rotten is to get back to the last location and pass behind the boulder and get to the edge of the village. The Citizen spawn more oftne at the edge than in the inner village.

Part 15 is again a kill quest...go to the marked area to the south-west. Suiciding after you got the kills saves some traveling time back to the camp.

Part 16 is NOT a kill quest,but you need to click on three objects near the village exit at 33500/43500 aboutish. Beware of the hero and the champions just outside of the village.

Now you have to fight yourself inside the Underbaum Castle (a PQ) right up to the highest level of the castle to kill a R30 champion. As a low level chat you really want a party,as you also have to face a R29 champion at the castle entrance and a lot of normal npc on your way in.
Enjoy your R 27 epic weapon...and be sure to also check the epic elf quest for another option. It is called "control" and start at chapter 10.

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