Disarm [SH/SW]

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Disarm [SH/SW]

Post#1 » Sat Apr 13, 2024 12:36 am

I'd like to suggest "Drop That" ability be changed to the SH character. Being able to disarm while staying at range is very powerful on an already "Swiss army knife" class like SH and operates like a ranged disarm on a ranged class.. The cost of "having an active pet" is too little for such a strong ability. If you don't stack dodge as a mdps (no one does) in that 4 secs the fight is over. Also, both disarms need to require parry to preform them (at least SW requires a stance shift). I think the idea of disarming working off parry as a kind of "counterattack" is spot on for all physical attack-based classes. Not to mention both abilities are in the "melee" tree, so stacking parry would be natural.
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