Give Slayer a GTDC Mirror

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Give Slayer a GTDC Mirror

Post#1 » Sat Mar 30, 2024 3:41 pm

Since Rampage was mostly removed as a skill, I propose giving Slayer a pull like GTDC.

GTDC is the strongest skill in the game, especially in aggregate with multiple Choppas spamming it in ORvR. It interrupts heals, pulls apart funnels, takes warbands out of position, etc.

Since the recent patch showed that apparently the devs thought this skill needed even more damage, it is simply too strong for only one realm to have in a rampageless world.

Order would actually have a competitive melee build with this ability in ORvR.

Feel free to get rid of nerfed ramage or mirror that spot on the skill tree with shatter limbs. The take away is order needs a reliable melee pull and Choppa is far stronger than Slayer now.

TLDR: Give Slayer GTDC please.
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