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Hello Everyone

Post#1 » Tue Jan 09, 2024 6:02 pm

I just downloaded and installed the game. I used to play when it was Warhammer Online and have been missing the Genre. I play some Rogue Trader and other games. I just kept remembering how much fun it was to play this game with friends.

I used to RP either the Greenskins or the Dark Elves but the overall playability of the game is what I'm back for. If anyone has any questions let me know.

I hope you all have a good day

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Re: Hello Everyone

Post#2 » Tue Jan 09, 2024 6:16 pm

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Re: Hello Everyone

Post#3 » Tue Jan 09, 2024 6:56 pm


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Re: Hello Everyone

Post#4 » Tue Jan 09, 2024 7:15 pm

Welcome back greenie
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