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choppa underperform

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choppa underperform

Post#1 » Mon Oct 18, 2021 8:05 pm

hello everyone let try to break down why the choppa underperform a most everywhere , compare a marauder or a slayer , why i add the marauder is because on destruction side the marauder just outperform the choppa in term of utility and dps too the point is got a most any point to pick up a choppa , except for get out of my face -50% dps debuff at the hight cost of action point and after run out of point to dps lol or chop fasta , idk why pick up a dps class for buff and debuff and not make dps ?

ok let look , the aoe tree the main spammable is lotsa choppin 93 to 133 damage only 3 target vs marauder 138 with demolition all target , add tactic extra chopping you hit 24 target but are nerf of -20% dps why ??? ,let say the marauder use widespread demolition , he end hitting unlimited target with more base damage of 138 also same distance on the top of this without the -20 %dps nerf ,so i dont understand the -20% nerf on tactic for choppa , sure on the slayer side with rampage is a bit more understandable, marauder or slayer clear winner, choppa end last and there i dont talk about all other dps buff marauder are able to add Ferocious Assaultand all the damage shield and all the self healing the aoe spec provide , so just for the main aoe attack choppa is out class because lower damage and all the skill restriction , for the slayer rampage is big too bypass 75% parry and shield block , choppa end with nothing , this is not easy a fix i will say remove the -20% on the tactic and still the choppa will underperform in dps , but the issue with be on the slayer side with rampage this will be op , rampage make everything hard to fix for the choppa in a mirror class to balance ,

i think about this a long long time and the option are very limited but he have 1 option , first a choppa or a slayer without furious choppin or rune adsortion are dead character in my book , also you dont really mix Path of Da' Hitta_ (2hand) with Path of Da' Wrecka (dual wield) because the main ability for both tree have weapon restriction one is 2hand other is dual wield , so what a propose to fix the issue is to change 1 ability of tree for the choppa and slayer , is to put slasha in the Path of Da' Savage tree so with the choppa tactic (yer getting soft) choppa will have is own rampage style , sure choppa will not be a monster aoe but a better single target , because (yer getting soft) in aoe will be way to crazy in my opinion

ok next dual wield vs 2 hand

a lot time i`m thinking is got any point using 2 hand for so many reason

the obvious 2 reason dual wield allow you to use 2 weapon skill Talisman 1 on each hand , and 2 hand only 1 1-restriction for no gain

next one dual wield allow you to have +10% parry 2 hand not a other restriction with again no gain

easy fix for choppa and slayer +10% parry for dual wield and 2hand have a 5 % armor pen , i think 5% is not gamebreaker :), is just too convert the dual wield passive bonus and the Talisman restriction for 2 hand have something ,

compare the tactic marauder have that give you = 50% armor pen is not much lol

i think this fix the 2 restriction for no gain , this is all my Proposals for the choppa and slayer if you have any question just ask me thank you


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