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AM - Hurried Restore (nerf)

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AM - Hurried Restore (nerf)

Post#1 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 5:30 pm

So I just wanted to point out how I recently noticed that AM hurried restore seems to be performing better than expected due to how the 'stun' of the effect is tied into the 'Unstoppable' movement restriction, which results in the penalty of this tactic only being applied a fraction of the time in real situations.

I play this class mostly for fun and to experiment and test changes but it's not a main class for me. R40/RR45.

My concern is that if this effect penalty remains tied to the 'Unstoppable' buff, this class can easily use this to his/her advantage in at least a couple situations.

1- wait until enemy uses a stun/stagger or effect which ultimately grants 'unstoppable', then use Gift of Life with tactic Hurried Restore to get a insta-res with no penalty what-so-ever.

2- use Gift of Life w/ tactic one time which grants you unstoppable. Then you can proceed to avoid further CC (as per CC rules) or use Gift of Life again (only 6 second cooldown) while the Unstoppable buff remains at 30 sec. So that also leaves around 25 seconds of time to continue using insta Gift of Life with no penalty.

So I'm sure if this is something that is same as on 'live' because I didn't really play AM back then, and there is clearly nothing in the wording of abilities that suggests otherwise. There may very well be good reasons for this being the way that it is, but to me right now this seems like overpowered, or wondering if it's something that just didn't get looked into yet?

Suggestion solution - change Hurried Restore stun timer to not be aligned with 'Unstoppable', perhaps just make an internal CD ?
- note haven't thought my solution through too much.

My experience so far with this tactic doesn't seem overly powerful just that the intended penalty is only actually applied a fraction of the time this is used in real situations.

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Re: AM - Hurried Restore (nerf)

Post#2 » Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:16 pm

This would probably better suited for a bugtracker report as I'm pretty sure it's supposed to both ignore immunities and not grant them either.
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Re: AM - Hurried Restore (nerf)

Post#3 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:25 am

It has always both granted and ignored immunities. If you play smart, you get the benefit of free insta rez. If you need to insta rez when you don't have immunity, you open yourself up to liability for your group. Nothing wrong with that, and for the cost of a tactic slot, on a class that has a lot to choose from, it's a fine risk. You're also the only class that has this function. Arguably AM/sham healing is worse than the other two archetype healers, thus there is nothing wrong with a risk/reward tactic such as this.
It will get fixed, this is not a balance issue, it's a flaw.
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