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Sigmar's Shield

For proposals that have been rejected.

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Sigmar's Shield

Post#1 » Sun Dec 30, 2018 11:49 pm

1. Problem 1

1.1 Cost/Benefit
The problem with this skill is that the cost benefit factor is a bit too low at the moment. When we use as example the basic skill values then it consume for 100 Heal 10 fury. That are 10 heal for 1 fury and with a full pool from 250 fury you heal with this ability 2500 points.

1.2 Compare To some other single heals
Sigmar Shild 100 Heal / 10 Fury = 10 Heal for 1 Fury (no crit chance)
(RP) Rune of Restoration 896 heal for 45 AP = 19,91 heal for 1 AP (150 feet range / can crit)
(AM) Boon of Hysh 883 heal for 45 AP = 19,62 heal for 1 AP (150 feet range / can crit)
(AM) Magical Infusion 711 for 55 AP = 12,92 heal for 1 AP (+ 25% more heal on target so long Magical Infusion is active 100 feet range)
(AM) Funnel Essence 1256 Heal for 60 AP = 20,93 heal for 1 AP

1.3 Solution
There are some variations in my mind how this problem can be solved. But in short - lower the costs.

1.3.1 Change the cost to 7 Fury and give it the possibilty to crit. Then we have 14,28 Heal for 1 Fury + possible Crits.
1.3.2 Change the cost to 6 Fury without crit possibility. Then we have plain 16,66 Heal for 1 Fury. Easy solution because we just need to change the values.

Both solutions will bring the skill in the middlefield from Cost / Benefit when you compare it with other single heal abilities.

2. Problem 2

2.1 Control
When you deliver Sigmar Shild it can be that it use all your fury in a very short time. You dont have any kind of control about usage.

2.2 Solution
Apply it like Oath Friend from Ironbreaker. First click on the skill apply it for 10 seconds. When you click a second time on in while it is still up you remove it.

3. Suggestion

Make it usable for 30 feet range.

Grace wp will have a second single heal ability that he can use when he is under strong cc influence. 30 feet is also not that far that he just can use it from the backline. For example also useable in static keep fights defence or attack situation without going direct into chocke points aka death zones.

Salvation wp lacks in generell single heal abilities. His only vaild single heal has 5 second cooldown and heals only around 50% in compare to other single heal abilities from other classes. That skill on 30 feet range could help here. 30 feets are also nothing that he can throw from the backline. We reward salvation wps who play more in a offensive playstyle that brings a higher risk without buffing backline salvation wps.

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Re: Sigmar's Shield

Post#2 » Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:49 am

This ability is already very strong for Grace. It isn't about HP/RF efficiency. It is about HP/Sec efficiency over a duration. Considering you can continue to build RF while Sigmar's Shield is active, and in the case of Grace that means healing while building RF, meaning the ability is incredibly heal/time efficient. Additionally, it heals on every single hit that strikes the target, without any form of cooldown.
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