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[SW] Skirmisher Stance and Rapid Fire

For proposals that have been rejected.

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[SW] Skirmisher Stance and Rapid Fire

Post#1 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:53 am

1. Identify the issue.

The Skill „Rapid Fire“ has recently been disabled for Skirmisher Stance. This change weakened the Skirmisher-SW for solely (and debatable) thematic reasons.

2. Explain why it's an issue.

a) Rapid Fire played an important role in the finisher and „burst“ rotation of the Skirmisher-SW: Used after Flanking Shot or Glass Arrow it hit the target in the same timestamp. This rotation was useful and gave some variety to the otherwise quite repetitive Skirmisher-gameplay, but didn’t overperform in any aspect.

b) Flame Arrow – the ability Skirmisher-SW got in exchange for RF – is almost useless: It fails as dot and fails as instant damage. More important: It doesn’t work well with the Skirmisher Stance, because it doesn’t profit from the high WS of a Skirmisher-speced SW and a Skirmisher-speced SW won’t use the Enchanted Arrows tactic.

c) Changing Stances is a possible solution for the described issue, but causes a new one: You have to sit 5 seconds in Scout-Stance and therefore lose sustained damage (SFA and AA on the move). Rapid Fire is not good enough to justify this loss, it’s just better than any other of the very few options available for the Skirmisher-SW.

d) Even the thematic argumentation for the exchange of Rapid Fire and Flame Arrow is vulnerable: You could also argue, Skirmisher-SW should not have access to non-physical abilities (something really unique to Scout Stance). Having a stationary damage ability usable in Skirmisher Stance on the other hand is not remarkable, since there has always been Eagle Eye too.

3. Propose a viable solution to the problem.

Make Rapid Fire usable in Skirmisher Stance again.

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Re: [SW] Skirmisher Stance and Rapid Fire

Post#2 » Sat Sep 29, 2018 12:37 pm

Probably already going to happen once we get the SW changes fleshed out. I won't put a time table on it for fear of more two weeks memes, but we'll get a pre-production thread in front of the community in the near future. Declining for now
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