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Shaman (partial) fix

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Shaman (partial) fix

Post#1 » Tue Feb 27, 2024 6:08 pm

Shaman has many problem at the moment. The main one is that its mechanic is completely useless. As a healer, every GCD you spend casting an offensive skill in order to stack yellow waaagh is a wasted GCD... unless it is FoDG, in which case you still can't get any stack of yellow waaagh unless you have some outside help from a kind BG. The only way to fix this is to change the class mechanic entirely, but that's too big of topic and I will post another proposal later on.

The problem I would like to adress now is about support. Both DoK and Zealot have many skills intended for party support (CoC, Rituals, Heal buff, Resist buff, Init buff,...). All thse tools are highly appreciated by the party and it is pretty common to see premade/wb asking for DoKs and Zealots. While almost no one asks for Shaman. I think Shaman should have access to some of those same tools in some fashion. Shaman also have some useless tactics in its specialization trees so I think that a good way to fix the problem would be to change those tactics.

Path of Mork-7pt tactic
This tactic should pump AP (maybe 15? surelly no more than 20) in the same way as AM's moral pump. On direct heal crit (so yea, also from FoDG crit) Shaman pumps 15 AP. At the moment the tactic is complety useless so no one would miss it. This change would greatly increase Shaman's appeal making him a reliable AP pump due to its high crit chance. Another idea for this tactic is to give absorb (very low value, like 100 or so) on direct heal crit.

The skill lost much of its appeal after the nerf (stationary cast) and the CDR change. I think that increasing the range to 100ft would go a long way to increase Shaman's healing output. At the moment the stationary cast is too big of a indrance. The target keeps getting out of range and if you get closer, let's say 60ft, then youo become an easy target for Salyer/WL (you were already a target for WH so no change on that front). This change should obviously be mirrored on EoV.

Path of Da Green- 7pt tactic
Again a useless tactic. Should be mirrored to AM 7pt tactic Vaul tactic. This would greatly increase the viability of Shaman's lifetap spec. The Lifetap spec got hit pretty hard by the stationary lifetap change.

Path of Da Green- 3pt tactic
I think that in order to increase the viability of the lifetap spec this tactic should grant to I'll Take That the cast on move feature, assuming you have at least 1 red waaagh stack. Basicly unnerfing only this skill at the price of a tactic slot.


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