The Knight needs more soloing capabilities comparable to the Chosen

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The Knight needs more soloing capabilities comparable to the Chosen

Post#1 » Thu Sep 02, 2021 9:32 am

Now I am a Knight player, so I admit I am biased. But I’ve also started leveling up and playing on a Chosen and I have to admit that there’s a big difference between Chosen and Knight in terms of DPS viability.

I understand that this was done intentionally, the Chosen has more DPS to offset the Knight’s utility in its auras. However, my main problem is that playing and leveling a Chosen is objectively more fun IMO, in that you can viably kill other players and that your aura abilities benefit you much more actively than passively as the Knight’s.

That IMO is part of the reason why there seems to always be more tanks on Destro side than Order, nobody wants to play a glorified guard bot who is just there to bring auras and challenges. People like to actually feel like they’re contributing something by swinging their mighty 2handed sword. Just as there’s a lack of tanks on Order side, there seems to be an over saturation of tanks on Destro side….

Granted I’d still play my Knight as it is now, but I’d appreciate if more people give it a chance too. I am not saying you should make the Knight OP but there should be some sort of attempt to balance us out with the Chosen, especially our soloing/dueling capability. Doesn’t even have to be reworking our ability’s, maybe a significant increase in our damage output with the offensive Sovereign set? IDK… the point is that ANY attempt would be greatly appreciated.

I understand that this is not how the game is intended to be played, but the fact of the matter is that players do take class versatility and soloing capability into consideration as well. If one class plays much less fun than it’s mirror, then you’re going to have an imbalance favoring one faction over the other.


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