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[SORC] Tweaks

Structured balance proposals should be posted here. Posts in this section will be taken into account during class balance reviews.

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[SORC] Tweaks

Post#1 » Mon May 24, 2021 4:03 pm


Ok I’m not gonna argue much since you have stats from ranked and several staffers that has played WL / WH etc
  • Increased range, disrupt and damage on Engie
  • Increased pet speed, pet damage and pet automation WL
  • Increased mobility and damage SW
  • Lots of speed procs on gear for tanks (not like it matters)
  • DPS AMs are super solid
  • DPS Runies .... well ok not sure haven't seen one
  • WH tools are much upgraded ie ranged snare and option to build 2 free accusations for bust or repositioning
AB 5s rooted 10s CD (from snare)
Grip of Fear 10s AOE snare 40% 20s CD (from AOE root) No worries most classes have root brekaers, charge and fetch, pounce
Absorb vitality 10s CD (clns and disrupts warrant this)
Gloom of Night 1s cas 10s CD
A reasonable RvR system that could make the majority happy


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