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City Sieges

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City Sieges

Post#1 » Wed Aug 12, 2020 9:57 pm

I won't waste your time pointing out the innumerable threads about the state of the RoR endgame- namely the City Siege scenario (hereafter "SC"). Good or bad, poorly or well-stated, these threads collectively indicate a dissatisfaction with either pace or mechanism of the RvR campaign's end point. In this thread I would like to offer a compromise of sorts, one that recognizes the dev team's considerable efforts toward making CS as fun as possible, while also providing additional avenues of play to a player base either bored or frustrated with the current implementation. There are several components to it that I believe address the issues put forth by many players, and the last point is critical to its implementation.

The Current State

In summary:
  • 40CR players queue solo or in groups for the CS in the hopes of loot and fun.
  • The game's ulimate PvP gear is purchased with the loot from the CS, and only the CS.
  • Many players only log in certain characters for this content when it becomes available, having not participated in earlier content to unlock the CS.
The Proposal

I propose changes to the CS, other scenarios which occur during a CS, and a slight change to the campaign to promote player participation:

Changes to the CS:
  • Players may queue in parties of six only- no more, no less. Matchmaking consists of four parties selected at random from those in the queue. All CS rewards remain the same. I believe this will improve the quality of matchmaking overall, even if a few of the largest guilds are no longer able to field full warbands reliably (though it's still possible if they queue at the same time). It's much more likely that a random player or small guild can put together a party of six. Removing solo queuing altogether should also temper the quality of the average CS instance. For players who insist on playing solo, the endgame content is still available to them as outlined below.
Changes to other scenarios during a CS:
  • Players bored, overwhelmed, lost, or frustrated with the CS may still have a chance to earn endgame content via queuing for specific scenarios (chosen from a list) while the CS is active and even contribute to their realm's success, though the loot is less certain. Players of rr65+ in T4 scenarios that begin while a CS is active will have a chance of dropping invader and royal tokens on death (not sure on the split, say, 75/25). There are no automatic tokens given for a victory, and of course no loot bags.
  • A realm that wins a T4 scenario during a CS will add to their realm's total victory tally.
The Campaign:
  • Players are mailed a bind-on-pickup token for participating in any zone capture with enough contribution to warrant a bag roll (excluding the special bag). This token decays in 12 hours and is a quest item. It is consumed when you join a scenario (including the CS) during a CS. Thus, players who did not participate in any content with a character prior to a CS cannot use that character for the CS. If players want to participate in multiple scenarios during a CS, they need multiple tokens. Since the tokens are BoP, they can't be traded, and since it's a quest item, it doesn't take up bag space.
  • At the end of the CS, participating players in the winning realm (ie, the highest total victory tally) are mailed a new, unique trophy-slot item. These trophies, like the pip trophies in the library/lyceum, can be traded for ever-nicer trophies demonstrating your contribution to your realm's many victories on your character doll. (Ex: 1 victory, 5 victories, 10, 20 etc.)


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