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Engi/magus- Blunderbuss/sticky grenade/seed of chaos

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Engi/magus- Blunderbuss/sticky grenade/seed of chaos

Post#1 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 6:52 am

I propose a change to engi's blunderbuss and engi/magus 1st ability in the mobile aoe tree , I am aware we don't like changing Phys to magic, fortunately it's logical.

Blunderbuss weaknesses:
not viable for any spec, not even a rifleman, not viable because it's a short range ability with the lowest damage of all your instant casts, not including mitigation. especially now with the big Boi sets.

Not viable for tinkerer, tinkerer and grenade use 0 weaponskill, and an engineer with half a brain will opt for a set without it to maximise on BS, which does nothing for BB. The entire Oppressor has 0 weaponskill. It's not that blunderbuss is a "classes weakness" we gotta deal with, it's that it's actually useless and can't be worked in mid to high level t4.

- Corp damage swap, and reduce damage value - 15%,

-Or keep Phys damage and add innate armor bypass for that ability alone. Something like 20-30%,

-Or a 15% increase in flat damage if nothing else, maybe 20%.

-Take weaponskill away from the 61 SC defensive weapons, grenade or think engi is not a slayer and needs their primary stat (BS not WS) magus ofc wouldn't have this issue. And rifleman has no business with these weapons. I wouldn't pick this over the other options I'm just throwing it in there because its logical to me to not have WS on such important weapons for engi, rn they are unimportant.

If we don't want to do anything in respect to BB so be it, but this next ability does need some tweaks.

Sticky bomb/SoC weaknesses:
From here I speak from both abilities perspective despite if I mention one or the other.

-As for sticky bomb/seed of chaos, it's an ability earned from aoe skill tree, and is weakest dot engi/magus has despite it being magical.. also it's ST, doesn't go with the spec, the one little 300 damage explosion at the end of... 15 seconds? doesn't mean anything either. Who's going to timestamp with that? Doesn't happen. The explosion damage is equal to 1 grenade dot tick.

-It can't even deal over 1000 damage during its 15 seconds, that's with me running ridiculous amounts of BS and ranged power. 250+ dps to be exact.

-Spending 40 AP for this ability is wack, my firebomb costs less and that's an AP drain to spam, not that the whole of engi/magus aoe spec isn't one big self AP drain spec. Not worth using, you're out of ap by the time youre done stacking dots, and deletes a gcd for 0 instant damage.

- it doesn't fit properly in the spec and it's a spec that needs tlc on both sides, not to mention the combat turret ability bug thats still ongoing and killing our dps.

AP cost reduction to 25AP, I think this is a must if this ability is keeping any semblance of its damage.

It's a sticky bomb, it doesn't need a really weak ST dot... it needs to blow up for some damage. Make the ability last 7-10 seconds not including the Bombardment dot tick buff. Damage should be around 500 minimum for the explosion tooltip value, That's still less than a firebomb (1050 bs or int). The dot damage will be less because of the default duration cut.

Remove dot component, keep 7-10s stock timer, and the explosion made stronger to allow engi/magi some burst in the spec. I'm thinking 600-700 tooltip at 1050 primary stat.

Thanks for hearing me out.
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