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[BW/Sorc] 7piece offensive Sov

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[BW/Sorc] 7piece offensive Sov

Post#1 » Wed Apr 08, 2020 4:15 pm


Currently on the Offensive Sov set for Brightwizard & Sorc(Choppa & slayer too I heard?) the setbonus only procs on singletarget abilities. Not on AoE abilities and not on Autoattacks.
Fair enough, if that is how it's intented so be it. But the problem with Sorc and BW gameplay for singletarget timestamping is that you use the singletarget abilities later on in your rotation so after debuffing dotting and BB / WoP ticks half of your burst has connected and now is the time to finish the target who is probably half hp with some quick 1sec casts or instant channel ticks.

In other words, leaving very little room for a proc like the current 7piece to get any affect. The playstyle of pugstomping on these classcanon mages are not really leaving much room for others to utilize the potential of a 5% increase damage taken debuff proc from the set, when we dont proc it in the 5sec window as Boiling Blood or Word of Pain has been applied as that is usually where you have time to inform your team who the victum will be, and they can spend the 5sec to assist or connect to the target.

Now if we look at how appealing running full offensive Sov actually is, the set even contradict itself on 7piece bonus only working on Singletarget Directdamage spells, where as the Granted ability on 8piece will only affect your Radius of AoE spells.
So... If the Devs want the Offensive set to be for singletarget, and the Defensive set to be for AoE. Please fix this double-dipping between "aoe only and singletarget only" because it is preventing anyone from running the full set.

My proposal in a honest attempt to just make the set be appealing for Singletarget mainly but potentially also for aoe, without creating enormous powercreep or turn an already pugstomping class into a monster the server doesnt need:

7piece bonus is changed from current version to either of the following(suggestions welcome)
- 5% raw damage like we saw on Vanq (this competes with the 6piece offensive sov mix some Singletarget BW/sorc run for smallscale where the %damage bonus is something you cant get from mixing and is now appealing)
- No AP cost proc. (But for a 7piece bonus it would probably have to be for more than the next cast. othervice players will not find it appealing enough to brake mainstat 2-3piece mixing with Sov.)
- A boost proc of some sorts. (As the 4+ piece offensive sov is tecnically competing with 4ons mix) a boost proc on 7piece would open up the competition of running full Sov instead of mixing but with less mainstat bonuses combined)
- Something new (wether its a Magicpower flat bonus, 5sec of undefendable spells, or whatever you come up with just make it thematically function with the playstyle of the class)

If the Granted ability on a class is not an absolute must have, the 7piece bonus is probably the last bonus players are looking for if they want to grind & run the seventh bonus. Right now offensive Sov for these classes are not appealing at all for the reasons mentioned above. I hope something will change about this to make the set more appealing and compete with mixing, and not for the sake of turning the classes into even bigger pugstomping monsters.

Thanks for reading.
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