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[WP] Wrath large scale

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[WP] Wrath large scale

Post#1 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 7:07 pm

Wrath Warrior Priest feedback and proposing changes.
The core and most important aspect of the game is RvR, large scale fights, in which Wrath lacks and underperforms.
WP and DoK are a special case because they have 3 very different specs with very different playstyles, therefore making Wrath viable in large scale is important, especially because Order lacks variety in high endgame large scale warbands.

1. Lack of AoE
As it is now, Soulfire is sluggish and doesn't fit in a melee dps kit because of the cast time.
Proposing one of the following changes to Soulfire:

A. Add a direct damage value to it, make it instant cast and add a short cooldown of 5 or 10 seconds.
B. Make it undefendable, make it instant cast and add a short cooldown of 5 or 10 seconds.
C. Make it instant cast.
D. Add a direct damage value to it.
E. Make it undefendable.

A and B will make it more fluid/less sluggish and easier to add it into rotation.
C, D and E are valid options too, if A and B are unwanted.
Changes can be applied to DoK Fell Sacrifice aswell.

2. Lack of mobility and cc
To be faithful to the philosophy of the class not having a hard cc ability, I propose one of the following changes:

A. Add a 20% movement speed increase during Sigmar's Wrath 20 sec buff duration. This will make us choose between using it to reach our target or using the armor pen.
B. Add a 20% movement speed increase during Unstopable Wrath 10 sec buff.
C. Add a 20% movement speed increase proc buff to Prayer of Righteousness. (opposite mirror to DoK Covenant of Celerity). Also acts as party utility.

A and B can be applied to both WP and DoK.
C only to WP to balance it to DoK counterpart.

3. No tactics variety
Dps WP is forced to use the following tactics in order to maximize damage: Divine Fury, Hastened Divinity, Fanaticism and Guilty Soul. There is no other option.
Proposed changes:

A. Merge Hastened Divinity into Divine Fury.
B. DoK: merge Hastened Divinity and Potent Covenants.
WP: add to Hastened Divinity 15% extra chance to trigger Prayers (similar to Potent Covenants).
This change will improve the utility aspects of the spec by providing better Prayers to the group.

This point is open to suggestions, Hastened Divinity needs to be dealt with in a way or another, to open a 4th tactic slot for variety. I highly stand by my point of merging it into Divine Fury.

These changes are in line with WPs class fantasy of buffing, opposed to DoKs debuffing nature.

Making change #1 will improve Wrath WP in large scale fights with minimal impact in 1v1, while #2 and #3 will increase the class viability in all aspects of PvP.


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