marauder current situation

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marauder current situation

Post#1 » Mon Mar 16, 2020 4:38 am

i would give my 2 cents about sava/brut mara build and i'll try to be quick as much as i can.
right now mara is almost out from any scenario/ small man/6 man meta and cant offer more then a BG already does, also is highly replaced by dps with more burst or mobility.
mara tooltip damage is the lowest among all melee dps ( i never played live but i was told they nerfed it post lotd )
here's are my suggestion:
THUNDEROUS BLOW : his nerf was pretty good when conqueror set was top tier but now is pretty weak. as 13 pts on savagery ( it used to be placed at 6 pts) it needs to works with piercing byte ( usable only on sava ) and bring back the old debuff wounds value.
DRAINING SWIPE : pretty weak and useless debuff ( mastery ability with low dmg with 10 secs cd and last only 5 secs ). also it could be moved into mosntro tree to make monstro mara less then a 2 buttons morale bot.
rework SCYTING TALON-CORRUPTED EDGE- HULKING BRUTE tactics : those tactics are locked to their owns tree and they doesnt works with mara mechanic ( stance dancing ), you can remove those tactics and apply/rework em into theirs propers procs arms.
for example add the same stats ( righlty reduced ) of scyting talon on savagery arm/proc or add armor penetration.
same thing for brutality with corrupted edge ( add stats or melee power ) and monstro aswell.
CONVULSIVE SLASHING : a core weak channeling ( it doesnt works with AA ). my suggestion is put convulsive slashing at 13 points brutality ( since brut has no purpose after 9 points ) incresing the damage or turn it as knock down ( since mara has no any gap closer like theirs mirrors wl/sw) also you can make a good choise for sava/brut maras which where can pick a good wound debuff or a kd.( in a few words make more viable spots for mara in small scales ) and move wave of terror as core in monstro.
FEROCIOUS ASSAULT : make it usable only on mosntro stance and rework with toughness/willpower bonus stats.
crushing blow : let it proc on crit chance only.
TERRIBLE EMBRACE: right now mara pull have like 1/10 hits because in like 90% of time target usally runs outside the pull range and you lose the cd ( also it doesnt works if the target is just on low ramp or jump). reducing the cast to 1 second or 1 and half would be good.

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