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Endgame gear, Warlord vs Sov.

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Endgame gear, Warlord vs Sov.

Post#1 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 9:25 am

Arriving to the endgame i start to pay attention to the sets that the people arround use. And maybe its just my impression but i see more people using Warlord than off Sovereign and show up some discussion about the stats, that are the more important than bonuses in %.
Maybe the discussion in more focus in off set of Tanks, anyway, maybe someone with good knowledge can give me some light about. Because you know, that someone repeat a setningen don't means that is true.
Thanks for answers.

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Re: Endgame gear, Warlord vs Sov.

Post#2 » Mon Dec 04, 2023 2:24 pm

Depends on class and spec and what you want to do with your character. The viability of either gear set is vastly different on different characters. With 2h tanks it depends on whether your class gets any benefits from crits (procs, extra crit dmg, etc), if you do, it MIGHT be worth to go off sov, if not it MIGHT be worth taking extra melee power from warlord.

For example, as a 2h BO I like having warlord (5pc) for soloing+duo+trio, but for sweaty 6man I prefer crit spec with 5pc off-sov for better assist damage. For my 2h kobs I use 7pc warlord (for extra defense from the detaunt proc), I see no benefit from crit from off-sov to knights.
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