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[Feedback] Sigmartag

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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#21 » Thu May 25, 2023 5:46 pm

(Played only destro so far)
-PvE Quest:
• was nice, but I preferred the longer, more story driven from past events.
• it felt kind of wrong to trash the high rr mounts, but I couldn't use them. Maybe give all at one stage as choice, or add colored variations (if possible)
• I like the cape, fits nicely on my squiggy 😁 not to fancy/overloaded.

-Hidden quests:
•The trophies are awesome! The sausage is one of those quirky funny thing that Warhammer sometimes has, the chopped head and the rusty dagger are great, too. (Haven't seen the 4th trophy yet)
•Finding the quests and completing them lead me again in "new" areas of IC. Some (better) hints would have been helpful at some points...spend half an hour checking every filthy corner of BB looking for the pet maggot, before someone in /ad helped out. Nice to see once again that the community can be kind/helpful 😉
•Using the low-lvl dungeon is a good idea. Saw a lot of boosted runs with lvl40 chars. Easy access to the keeper-set for low lvl chars.

Relic run:
•did it once. Des gave up a fort def and we made it just in time before order popped up in reikwald.
•most other runs i witnessed were uncontested runs by order with multiple wbs stacked on the relic.
•no real opinion on it as I didn't participate much.

skull hunt:
•cool idea to tie a rr-buff to sacrifice enemies.
•some kind of counter/announcement on how many skull have been cursed would be nice. In addition to the time left till reset.
•maybe add more altars in RvR zones. E.g in keeps.
Guess a lot of players did not want to leave an active zone to drop the skulls. And doing it after a zone locked is kind of a waste if you don't continue to play.

• good choice. CoC is always a fast paced sc, that doesn't last very long. And as there isn't much to do beside stand on one flag and kill each other, most players get what's to do 😝
•finishing the flamegazer quest is a nice bonus, even though I seem to only get one color out of it.

•like the idea with a negative effect, but get a zeal in your party and the malus is negated. As i first read the event discription I thought it would come with a slowing effect.
•Would have added a stronger debuff to the event slot item.
•will see how the extra healing effects the gameplay in comparison to chars who don't have it.

Overall a nice event, some more interaction in the new decorated area around the sacellum would be nice, Talking npcs, merchants and stuff like this.

The only negative thing I noticed are the huge lag spikes in IC. Crashed several times while running around the sacellum.
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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#22 » Sat May 27, 2023 10:29 pm

1. Would prefer the SC quest to be 1x150, but not a big deal.
2. Unless the SC quest was intentionally meant to be only for the first (BWC) of two (BFB) Event SC, I'd prefer it to count the kills in both SC.
I'm now in a situation where I want to complete the BFB event but stuck at 2/5 for the BWC SC quest.

3. 100 skulls turned out to be a bit much for me, let's do some napkin math:

1 skull per kill
1/6 chance to get skull in full party => 6 kills on avg to get 1 skull
1/4 chance to get kill in WB => 4 kills needed on avg to get 1 kill credit

100 x 6/1 x 4/1 = 2400 kills

Again, fine if intended as a hard to complete task, but about 12x the kills needed compared to the 200 kills task, so I will end with about 50 skulls total (1 hour per day on avg, 50/50 sc/rvr).

4. Relic Run, was fun and great, but please extend to other active T4 pairings.

Gangan wrote: Thu May 25, 2023 5:46 pm "Buff-Food"
•like the idea with a negative effect, but get a zeal in your party and the malus is negated. As i first read the event discription I thought it would come with a slowing effect.
•Would have added a stronger debuff to the event slot item.
-50 stats is generally not a good trade for 2% (even if you have a ZL/RP which is meant to add a buffer against enemy debuffs), so unless you are stacking +350 initiative, you'll increase your own CtbC more than 2%.

5. Personally think they could make them permanent pocket items, having more pocket items with downsides to balance, creates more options without power creep.

Thanks for the fun event :)
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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#23 » Sun May 28, 2023 3:57 pm

I've been putting in a lot of RvR and SC everyday but am still short on skulls. I completed last week and this week weekend warfront and the weekly RVR, and have put additional 3 hours a day into since the start of the event. Not sure I can complete skulls portion.

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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#24 » Sun May 28, 2023 4:44 pm

As a new returnee, it'd be great to have access to the old event rewards such as the ones below, somehow. A sausage doesn't feel quite as good. :D

I'm not complaining, please don't take my sausage away!

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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#25 » Mon May 29, 2023 1:15 pm

1. We should have an announcement when the relic starts moving, like a zone lock message displayed in the middle of the screen.
2. I don't believe we're receiving RP from kills when the Emp pairing is locked. People need those points.
3. They simply disregard it when the opposing side is too powerful. I don't have a solution for that.
If we were required to touch each keep individually, accumulating bonuses at each keep door, and reaching 50% by the end of the enemy fort, it could attract more eager participants.
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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#26 » Tue May 30, 2023 8:38 am

It was probably me not 24/7 but I genuinely couldn't finish the skulls. no idea if it is bad RNG or what. but never the less I could finish both SC events in premade. never the less I hit RvR in WB organised for 4 nights and randos for a couple. I ended up with 50 skulls.
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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#27 » Tue May 30, 2023 8:44 am

Same here, failed to finish skulls. I played ~14 hours during event and wasnt able to complete this part. While BluIzLucky math is indeed napkin its not so far from truth

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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#28 » Tue May 30, 2023 8:58 am

The problem with the sculls, was that even when ppl got their 100 sculls event, they didin't pass on them but were still collecting them.

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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#29 » Thu Jun 01, 2023 8:22 am

Was an ok Event but NOT a great one like the Vampire Event from last year.

-dont like Evnt Slot item as 3rd reward u want it on many alts and u dont have that time (most dont

-There was Hidden Quests that NO players ingame ever found so either the clues was to few or just bad. Should be hard but if NONE finds em its poor design

- Another Lore Breaking Mount, for me this is just not Warhammer. Wyvern is Des only, Griffon is Order only (I guess its just Lore nerds like me but I hate seeing Griffons comming around corner and its a Des NOT a Order for ex. )

-Like the New idea of adding new thing to Event Slot item and Pocket Items, but to have the pocket Item vanish when Event ends instead of say 30-40d is also bad imho

I do like the work from Devs and many things was positive. Relic, Renown Boosts in RvR, Exploring lowbie Dungoens for Quests aso...

til next one
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Re: [Feedback] Sigmartag

Post#30 » Thu Jun 01, 2023 8:45 am

itwas weird that both realms share same mount , byt its more empire biased (next time let all realm ride on cold ones). and only magus disk is actually looking very good like chaos undivided sign unique mount. ;-)
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