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Available Community Roles

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Since the team naturally cannot be involved everywhere, it's important to have players offering their assistance to the community's old and new members. So whether you're a veteran or a newcomer, if you love to get involved in the community, this list could be interesting for you.

- Wiki Editors
The wiki can be edited by everyone with a RoR forum account. However, the Wiki Editors form a team that coordinates on Discord in order to cover pages that need dedication and days of editing. Because unlike other editors, they can follow up easily on designated pages. There is never a deadline for an edit to be completed, they edit as they please.

If you're interested in joining the Wiki Editors team, contact me by forum message or on Discord.
- Language Forum Moderators
Our community envelops different languages, mainly English, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Italian. The Language Forum Moderators moderate their language's sub-forums and are expected to translate weekly patch notes to their respective language. Also, important server-wide announcements will be communicated with these mods in order to deliver the message to a wider audience.

• Russian mod
• French mod
• German mod
• Spanish mod
• Italian mod

If you're interested in joining the Language Forum Moderators, contact me by forum message or on Discord.
- Advisers
If you fancy replying to newcomers and helping them out when they face technical or gameplay challenges, then this is for you. The advisers should have a accurate and trust-worthy behavior that reflects the good deeds behind this tiny group of 4.

If you're interested in joining the tiny Advisers group, contact me by forum message or on Discord.
- Game Files Translators
This one is mostly a solo thing to do. If you're the kind that enjoys translating files from English to your own language, than this part is suitable for you. There is no deadline regarding translations and progress.
You can translate the game files on Crowdin/WarEmu, where the files are clear and split into sections.
For feedback, suggestions or cooperation with the project, please contact me:

Discord: GamesBond#2976 | Email: [email protected]

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