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Full SoV and Futile Strike

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Re: Full SoV and Futile Strike

Post#11 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:35 am

Dont forget Disrupt/dodge too, since guard uses same avoidances than the guarded player.

Basically it would mean, for a full def tank, max in Parry, Block and disrupt (60 Renown), and 2 FS (15 renown), last 5 point can then go into Hardy Concession 2 + Wounds 1.

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Re: Full SoV and Futile Strike

Post#12 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 1:34 pm

Full parry Full block (if s/b) 3 dd 3 fs and your rr80 renown points are done.If you spam htl properly dd should not be an issue.And if you are 2h you can put the points you save from block into melee crit for example

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Re: Full SoV and Futile Strike

Post#13 » Thu Nov 26, 2020 7:24 pm

done my own testing of this for a while and chance to be crit is important and shouldnt be treated casually but u can get away some % that some claim are suicide.

previous sub zero was always the aim by default but after running a variety of environments from sc (ranked and regular) to massed rvr (forts, prime time keep pushes or defences as well as wb play), cities and even solo iv started to relax slightly on the chance to be crit.

Running with either around 3.3, 6ish and even 8%. Admittedly the 8% one was rough and is clearly too high but the other 2 were not that bad. Capping toughness and wounds as well as having high defensive stats like parry or block do a lot of work and if you can sacrifice a bit of this and roll at 2% and it gives u something else of value you will probably get away with it.

Its clearly still a really important stat but it has more room for maneuver than people think, on tanks at least. People always repeat the mantra of below zero and for squisher classes its immensely important but if you have other ways of soaking the dmg or reducing its impact you can roll with a couple % no problem.

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Re: Full SoV and Futile Strike

Post#14 » Fri Nov 27, 2020 3:01 am

durability is trademark of tank.
how to use it is up to players.
sadly, many tank alts reduce themselves into guard bot.
and newbie tanks were taught to be bot.

main tanks don't play to be somebody's guard bot.

guard is just one of tool to put your durability in good use.
there are other ways to use it.
objective holding, funnel block, grappling 3~4 dps etc

you need max durability to feel the traditional tank role in orvr.
pull bunch of angry mobs, survive waves, first man to break enemy line or last man standing to delay enemy push.

if you wanna ride zerg, 0% is enough.
also SC guard bots.
to face 3~4 dps, to survive KD, full FS makes difference.
your back is most times opened.
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