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Missed City solution

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Re: Missed City solution

Post#11 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:25 pm

Another post about city for a known problem.
Atm there are three kind of people that play cities,
1: Those who hate it but are medal addicted and will wake up any time to log into city to afk on flag beating pugs
2:Those who hate it but cant get in most of the time because either of the time it happens or they are small scale players that try to get in with 6man or 12man or most commonly issue playing destro and been overpopulated
3:Few "hardcore" that will make proper warbands while at the same time will try to avoid most destro premades just to get into a city vs pugs to enjoy those stomps and get free medals...

Also people go on saying put more effort to get in etc etc but city may get hours to happen and lots of stalemates how you know that those guys didnt spend hours during a day to push for a city that didnt happend and then its either late for eu players to keep going and someone can log and find everything ready put not even half of the effort other people did and get a city fast??

But City atm is designed for city loggers and has nothing to do with effort and numbers before ,during and after city proves that all the time....

Also posting in every city post about your 4 sov/warlord sets doesnt bring anything to the discussion other than flexing or you want to say that city is fine atm and needs no changes?
But i guess waking up early morning is maximum effort for city atm

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Re: Missed City solution

Post#12 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 2:47 pm

i am a orc and I enjoy free medals.The question is: are few medals worth wasting sleep? The answer is : nope not anymore and for sure not with that random contribution system.City simply need a mechanics that unlocks them at a certain time of the day : once for na timezone once for eu timezone or you can totally remove em and let those damn royal crest drop from players.And don't say " no that would make gettin full set too easily"...most of the people that do city already have 1 or 2 sets in the advantage of full sov over a mix of previous set is minimal

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Re: Missed City solution

Post#13 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 3:35 pm

Atm everyone want to go to the city siege because of the gear but when certain portion of the population have all needed gear many ppl will skip sieges like it was on live.
Problem is that hear u can enter as much population as your enemy have and when numbers drop it will be paintfull.
It is already at some degree but when the problem escalate we can end 1-2 city instances only which will be devastation for the playerbase
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Re: Missed City solution

Post#14 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 4:17 pm

How about solo q only, and 2/2/2 auto MM(matchmaker) setup? Or separate solo q and wb q and q for party, for solo vs solo(12(may be too small)-24 players per side) and wb vs wb(24) and party vs party(same as solo)?

On paper sounds good, but in real life:

First option with only solo q damage highly motivated people(who plays "meta" classes and organize wb, guild, alliance and so on) and they will can't play together.

Second option - city happens at time to time, with different online picture from both sides. MM is all about balance around constructing "fair" teams and average wait time in q(in this case we have limit from top - 30 min). Basically, less wait time is better than "fair" teams in developer minds. This got a reason, players get less angry about "unfair" play then don't play at all.

Another problem - rewards for city grinding is an endgame gear, MMO can't afford self to allow people reach endgame content fast, this is one of the fundamental idea about genre(like - cooperate with another people).

And here we have - reward for loser side(to give some motivation and progression, in some cases it is a sneaky hole that exploits by AFK people), lock to achievement(to collect a pre-endgame gear and equip it), MM that try start as many battles as can(no matter what). This system have some pros and cons, but it allows to collect endgame gear to everyone who wants it. Just with gap in time to achieve that goal between wb/solo players, "meta"/"non-meta" classes, "24/7"/"chill out" players. And this system don't lock content for any players.

Just imagine scheme like ward for RvR, no vanq - no pass to fort, no inv - no city. Add condition for jump into the q - only full wb with 2/2/2 balance. Add punishment/reward for overall city score to all in realm...

That's all about balancing comfort play between people with different play style. Is current system bad for people who playing? No, because they still log in and play. Can system be better? Always can be better, question is for what? Faster to grind? Easer to solo? Harder to solo? We don't know the core conception that developers imagine to construct, and our suggestions can lay down in opposite direction form their plans.

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Re: Missed City solution

Post#15 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 4:21 pm

Gear makes people crazy and most of the time is their n1 excuse for everything, destro wins more cause of better gear, we lose cities cause of gear, we cant win against geared people so lets afk on city with out weird setups against a proper destro setup but its about gear !!
City should be something that people will get excited and a way for a few proper guilds to fight each other but no its a stomp fest about 90% of the time out of those 30city dungeons how many are a decent match and those 200kills to 5 then people say GF people dont rly count as fair or decent ^^

About city time zone you suggest sounds good and logical but you know what will happen those few medal addicted people will push city as soon they can during EU to avoid the prime time or we gonna see those pro throwes with people afk on keeps but on the other i dont blame them.

People will skill city sieges cause they are not fun in the same way forts are not fun nascar around like a bot

There are a few solutions , if devs wanted SoV to be slow to get they could easy make medals to have a weekly cap or have a weekly quest that you get them by winning or participate in a city but on the other hand 90% of pop wont bother to get into city if they are medal capped for that time cause who cares about fighting we need medals nothing else

This game should be about logging and trying to get fights but atm feels like the generic mmo that locks gear/progress in someway in order to make you play in a specific that the majority dislikes just to progress your character or give up and deal with it ^^

But people thought a ranked system with gear locked behind it would work in a game with low pop and in a game that its design and balance was build around RVR and Warbands making a few classes just a liability in those situations

I am not against adding new things but dont force players into that way repeating mistakes of live or other mmos did and all know how it ended and expecting different results doesnt make sense for me

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Re: Missed City solution

Post#16 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 4:23 pm

Noslock wrote:
Fri Jul 17, 2020 11:04 am
i m always up for free stuff for no effort
Speak for yourself Mr no effort, i miss city after working all the zones to get there, trying to get in a good group and waiting the whole time before being turned away, that is not no effort
i don't know what should be done but im sure it can be tweaked somehow

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Re: Missed City solution

Post#17 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 6:59 pm

Przepraszam wrote:
Fri Jul 17, 2020 10:48 am
Wasn't able to get into second city in a row, how about all people that were queued and missed city recieve Royal crest based on city lvl etc (im open to the amount recieved). For example 1 star city - 2 crests, 2 star - 3 crests etc, what do You guys think??

While we are asking for things that arent going to happen, can I get the devs to pay off my student debt, pay for my family's healthcare and give me universal income too?

How about they contribute gold for reparations to my shaman for over buffing the living **** out of WLs?
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Re: Missed City solution

Post#18 » Fri Jul 17, 2020 7:06 pm

If you ever wonder why Devs seem so rare on the forums, it's because of threads like this offer stupid criticism over a core aspect of the game that clearly isn't going to be removed any time soon. Shitting on someone else's work is a **** move, and we don't need it around here. If you want to offer something constructive, find a different thread to do it in.
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