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Re: City Contribution

Post#41 » Fri Jul 10, 2020 8:20 pm

My best city haul ever was 3 gold bags. In stage 3, I managed to get stuck in the wall in our spawn at the beginning and didn't even get to participate in any of the fight.

Result? I got a gold bag.

I know for a fact it's random. I've done "literally nothing" (not my choice devs!), and still gotten gold bags. I've been top DPS in stages and gotten 24th contribution. Whatever system you think exists, exists in your mind based on your own anecdotal feedback of what "feels right". When you don't win you think, "well maybe that guy who did win did more than me!", but the truth is, that's not necessarily the case.

Now I don't pretend to really know how the system works or is intended to work in terms of what is coded, but my guess is that whatever it is "is bugged" (if it exists, and is not intentionally random).

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Re: City Contribution

Post#42 » Fri Jul 10, 2020 8:30 pm

Keep in mind, better geared characters could theoretically always get better contribution in any of the suggested changes. Making it harder for lower geared players to get sovereign and fully geared soviergn to just keep getting loot bags. I'm more in favor of a slight improvement to rolls, but still keep it mostly random.

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Re: City Contribution

Post#43 » Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:08 pm

right now in the last sity, as a healer, I won two gold bags, and I got additional crests for two winning stages and for losing one. everything is fine with the current contribution system, dont understand why healers complaint about it)
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Re: City Contribution

Post#44 » Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:35 pm

Yes, absolutly random contribution on: Pve PQ's / RvR zone locks/ Forts / Cities

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Re: City Contribution

Post#45 » Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:56 pm

StrongUn wrote:
Fri Jul 10, 2020 9:35 pm
Yes, absolutly random contribution on: Pve PQ's / RvR zone locks/ Forts / Cities
Not true. There is actually a metric for all those with the exception of cities.

I consistantly place top 24 in Forts as dps, tank and healer.

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Re: City Contribution

Post#46 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:31 am

I would just like to see afks punished for hurting their team. That doesn't mean negative just not positive aka no rewards at least.

To the ppl that keep saying if they do nothing they can still get a bag - remember that the contribution may be group based so doesn't matter what you do if your group contributed. Also the biggest indicator for bag is your RNG roll, not your contribution bonus. You may be getting lucky compared to others that worked for their bags

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Re: City Contribution

Post#47 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 12:45 am

Everyone keeps saying your RNG roll is what matters. I would disagree. It's nearly impossible (you have to roll pretty high) to get a bag other than white if you are in the bottom 8. And I wouldnt be in the bottom 8 if contribution bonuses actually worked.

We can all agree to disagree but at the end of the day the system needs a rework. Clearly I'm not the only one frustrated by the city cont. system.

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Re: City Contribution

Post#48 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 2:10 am

Valarion wrote:
Fri Jul 10, 2020 2:42 pm
desizt wrote:
Fri Jul 10, 2020 2:26 pm
................ as dying is a major hit to your contribution loss.

Has dying greatly impacting your contrib been confirmed?
Lets say its 24v24 mid, you did tons of heals and damage on people - you die, you lose that contribution you raked up and gotta start building it again for that fight.
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Re: City Contribution

Post#49 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 8:11 am

we're talking about contribution,
that shows before random dice roll.
no one interest what color of bag you got. that's result of random roll.
forget about it.
bring feedback about "contribution".

like 2h tanks seems to follow dps model etc.
grp performance is most important, i think all agree with it.
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Re: City Contribution

Post#50 » Sat Jul 11, 2020 8:45 am

I have a feeling that certain number of deaths increase your contribution. Not when being farmed but 3-4 deaths is better than 0. If u continue to die contribution goes down but at 3-5 range u are better. But who knows
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