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PVP Targeting Priority

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PVP Targeting Priority

Post#1 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 6:14 am

Been in the game for three days now and so I don’t know the classes as well as I will come to, but I know the basic roles which they are assigned. So far, the sc’s tend to be a landslide in either direction and a lot of it comes down to players just prioritizing the wrong targets. I think? It’s pretty rampant here, so maybe I’m wrong and was hoping to get some insight as to who your top targets would be from either order or Destro side from any role position.

Basically who needs to die first for the win? I’m so used to prioritizing the DPS or Healers.

On that note, any insight as to threat levels against a bright wizard or sorcerer ? Who do I need to watch out for the most ?

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Re: PVP Targeting Priority

Post#2 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 8:56 am

target priority can be resumed as this i think but depends ALWAYS vs who you play (owb - pugs - random people in scenarios)

main focus for bw are the lowest disrupt classes so u need to tend focussing melee dps , they even are the first u can target (choppa/slayer - mara/lion - welf/whunter - squig herder melee)

main focus if enemy jump on backline : lions/msherders - welf/whunter - shadow warrior melee

second focus :dps ranged that overextend and get in range first than enemy healers - priority is on shadow warrios and squigs (engi and magus are tankier than all others so are just to avoid as priority)

third focus : healer that are squishier - archmage/shammy (but at high gear they are full disrupt) because they can ress people faster than other healers

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Re: PVP Targeting Priority

Post#3 » Thu Jul 02, 2020 11:59 am

An easy way, and valuable way to help your team, is to create an "assist" macro on a teammember veteran dps and help with those targets. You'll learn fast and be focusing down a target.

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