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Re: No zerg agreement

Post#101 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:17 am

OndeTv wrote:
Sat Oct 19, 2019 9:12 pm
the everyday "life" of the server consists of 3 groups of people:

- die hard destro players
- die hard order players
- i-will-log-to-the-winning side players
that's not true. there are ppl (like me) which log on one side just to play one certain class or to play with a certain person/guild, regardless of the winning side

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Re: No zerg agreement

Post#102 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:30 am

Sorry, yes, you are in a 4th group i did not mention since it is such a minority and thus doesn't affect the campaign(s) in general. There is an even smaller 5th group who will log to the losing side as well which i also did not mention for the same reason.
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Re: No zerg agreement

Post#103 » Sun Oct 20, 2019 5:51 pm

I love how most of the lads point fingers on detsro for blobbing, especially on fmj and pnp guilds, but the funny fact is that for the past year there were so many times when the fmj wb would get wiped by zerg of 3-5 wbs against 1 and then this zerg would stomp other wbs as well, so before pointing fingers, try to understand why that happened, because when order zergs, its fine, destro starts to zerg - its defo not fine lol, tahts now how it works, its bad when it happens for any realm. so thats just hypocritical to blame only destro for it ( hope I spelled it right ). and now when order gets stomped by the zerg, we see them blaming others, lol. NRM was stomping all of the order organised wbs most of the times when it was 24vs24, sorcs get nerfed and etc, FMJ was formed, was stomping most of the order organised wb's, leading to almost a 1 year zerging of order. it is fun to watch ppl blame fmj and/or pnp.

By the way, VII's wb, is a tough one, and it is very nice to fight them 24vs24 and etc, and u feel great beating them, cause its competitive but then u also tend to blob when u lose, not so much like other order wb leaders, but u still do it. so the main point of my watery monologue is that there is no one to blame for zergs, it's just happens, for both sides, and the more we point fingers, the worse it will get. and yes, order classes also get nerfed and etc, ror is not order bias and all that staff, so dont hate me for my post XD, im trying to be honest here and not blaming anyone and thats only my opinion which can differ from yours, which is fine, but please respect the others and their perspective on the situation. RoR is an unbalanced game which cant be balanced tbh so keep it fun at least

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