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How scenario works - Feedback

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Re: How scenario works - Feedback

Post#71 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 2:08 pm

wargrimnir wrote:
Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:38 am
Nadril21 wrote:
Wed Aug 28, 2019 3:06 am
Nadril21 wrote:
Tue Aug 27, 2019 11:41 pm
Too much focus is being put on domination/premades. The level and gear gap is, and always has been, the biggest factor in these blowouts that make people stop quing.

Focus MORE on balancing SC's and LESS on what to do once they start and are imbalanced.
I suppose this hasn't been addressed terribly recently, but it's the same logic as any time in the past it's been brought up. I wasn't particularly concerned with it so much as the meme that players are being punished in some way.

We don't have an endless pool of players that run scenarios. We have quite a limited one actually, at best you might see 4 concurrent scenarios being run with a fair mix of 31-39 and 40+, many of those 40+ players also aren't in gear that would make them competitive enough to avoid domination against a group that would inevitably trigger it by playing well with a meta comp.

The more complex and fair you make the queue system, the less pops you're going to get. That's the key issue why we're not breaking it up further.

There's also the matter of scenarios not being the top of the pile when it comes to gear. RvR and PvE are the path forward until a new bracket is introduced. If you're not looking to get the gear, being in the queue with an organized group only has one real objective. Crushing the players who are in the queue for gear. That helps no one git gud, if anything it damages the will for players to keep that pool of scenarios healthy. Ever wonder why scens die off? Thank a premade that has nothing to gain from it (occasionally a lucky group of players will have similar results).

This leads down a path of opening a tier of scenarios based on what gear you've acquired. If you already have the gear from existing scenario rewards, then you would get shuffled off to the "we're just in it for renown" leagues, or "competitive scenarios", of which we have the 6v6 queue available.

Would you be comfortable after collecting your first piece of Vanquisher gear being relegated to only 6v6 to grind out the rest?

At the other end, we're looking at a much larger gap, currently topped off with R29 Duelist gear in the mid tier bracket. How far would you expand that? Ruin, Mercenary, and Rare Fortune sets would all be part of the mix going up to R39, along with a lot of weapons and jewelry that vastly outshine anything you would have at R16 where you started at. People join that mid-tier bracket fresh out of Nordland, often times still wearing their T1 sets.

Someone has to take the rough hit, it can be players just making their way into T4, or players just making their way into T2, and when it comes to making the game accessible to new players (ones that find us all the time, every day) tossing them into a meat grinder isn't an option we're looking for.

So fresh T4 players take the hit, someone has to. At R31, you at have a vast number of options to gear up that aren't solely scenarios. Ruin, Beastlord, Gunbad (there's a bolster now), Annihilator, all good sets that will get you XP while acquiring them in the 31-39 range. Also while getting you leveled, and getting you in better position to be competitive when you make the choice to step into the wild world of scenarios.
t2-t3 player should take the hit;

1- first thing first if ppl rank 31-39 would be moved into t2-t3 sc there would be no gear gap cuz if you remeber bolster has been introduced for this you can tune bolster more than proportionaly to reach rank 40 for low level ppl and progressly lower it when at rank 36-39 to have no bonus but jsut remove malus vs rank 40 bolstered.
2-there is not a tactic slot in 31-39 so max tactic avaible in t2-t3 sc is still 2 at same time.
3-same as above for morales
4-same for all class deifining skill , those of t4 are unlocked at rank 40 or max at 39.
4-it's not a hit at all , what about ppl after t1 being forced to play into t2-t3-t4 mega bracket? it's just better that way there is no hit , thats the only way.
5-generally the majority of fresh t4 player are totally noob that dont even know the gear and get the good gear after made rank 40 so ppl outgearing others is simply not true. Also the only easy gear for rank 31-39 is ruin; ruin is a gear which require farm pve, farm pve leave you behind in renown so it dosent really matter what you do t2-t3 with a fine bolster will always be a fun place. Also ppl will start get a hard lfie earlier, t1 time end when you level to rank 17 ppl shoudl get used to have deal with ppl more knowledge in game than em, this is propedeutic to make em improve in the game.

this worked pretty well in live with the only exeption of twinks made by blocking yoru expirience THAT was what ruined t2-t3 mega bracket in rvr and sc. Also live sc was even higher it reached a lot more ranks then what ppl would like here.

i also wanna point out that sc became few played because all the interest has been moved onto pve or rvr. You made sc going like thare are now, dev team introduced the poison, if you reall wanted to remove group queu from pug sc you could had jsut done that AND NOT REMOVE CARROT TO QUEUE FOR SC or made those carrots unreachable.

if you have problem how premade deal with pug it's another matter on how poorly sc are queued sy...

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