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Devs having an unfair advantage

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Devs having an unfair advantage

Post#1 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:04 pm


I want to raise an issue that involves an unfair use of Devs and GMs accounts.

We all know that you can't read the enemy chat in /say. But there's an exeption to players that are using Devs and GMs account to have an unfair advantage over the enemy, these players can read both /say realms, the problem is that they can react to whatever the enemy is planin to do in the moment. Let say for example a PUSH countdown, they can prepare for this exact moment knowing with anticipation when to react, another example would be that it reveals the position of the one typing. In my book, this is called cheating.

I've wanted to post this months ago, but didn't really have an issue with it, until last night, when i was calling for pushes on a keep fight. This is what happened, like the usual stuff, asking for everyone to build Morales, me as a dps, was not beein over agressive to not get killed before my M4 builds up. So, the time was right when i had my M4 up, i was using LoS to not get killed by AoE from bottom floor, i typed, /s WE PUSH IN 10s...3..2...when all of a sudden was typin 1, i got focused and insta killed from above. This happened two times in the exact same moment when callin the push on 3..2...1.., resulting in a coitus interruptus twice. I wasn't killed at any time during this Morale building, only got killed when calling the push, what do you think, is it coincidence? i think not. So, yes, i am referring to a player that can read what the enemy types in /say. You as a Dev/GM, you know this is true and im not making this up.

You will say, oh, we need to play on our Dev account to take action if an issue occurs, but at the same time you know that you are taking advantage of it. Judge yourself, if you are an honest player that wants to play fair, you will stop using this advantage and use a normal account.

I post here because i didn't find any other section on which to post it. likely it will get locked or moved to anoda place.

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Re: Devs having an unfair advantage

Post#2 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:08 pm

Things I won't tolerate on the forums.
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