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Scenarios not popping?

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Re: Scenarios not popping?

Post#21 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:45 pm

yeah gunbad/orvr action probably made the impact on sc pop time

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Re: Scenarios not popping?

Post#22 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:51 pm

OldPlayer wrote: May I humbly suggest "duo dominating the pug scenario every 5 minutes for the same rewards" if it seems worthy and fun to you?
I start to get wrong feeling that this story is about "I want to play group vs. a group, get pops fast and current rewards are not enough for me because that is what I want".
I don't want to duo dominate, though; I play the game for group play, and as it stands now you can get pretty much the same rewards with faster pops/no premade opposition. Now, just this once... put aside your bias, and answer me this: is that logical? Does that make sense? Should we be actively endorsing this?

As for your second point? Well, that's probably because you: a) don't play as a group; b) you don't seek group fights; c) you have never shown much interest in/empathy towards the concerns brought up by premades - concerns that have led many to stop playing/play casually; d) you're a huge pug advocate, and the way you treat any issue/concern pertaining to groupplay with contempt is apparent to all.
Definitely worth it. Please include options of "I queue everything, never cared about premades" and "Premades should be limited to 1-2 premade scenarios only".

Sure, I'll put it up there with the '"When will premades be banned for ruining my solo experience in a group game?!" option.

Gunbad has been disabled since last Monday I believe.
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Re: Scenarios not popping?

Post#23 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 2:54 pm

peterthepan3 wrote: Sure, I'll put it up there with the '"When will premades be banned for ruining my solo experience in a group game?!" option.
Do not forget to include the name of group game you are speaking about.

Back to the topic: very often scenarios popping is influenced by zone locking in T4 after long fights and zerging side with 55-60+ % population suffers less scenario popping due to population imbalance.
magicthighs wrote:Finding bugs is what players are for. The RoR team itself doesn't have the people nor the time to do that.

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