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[SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

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[SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#1 » Wed Feb 28, 2024 2:23 pm

After a lot of nerfs to the class, from broadedarrow stacks and the parry amount of shadowstep's passive to the most recent autoattack nerf, SW is in a complicated position. In the last patch the AOE build was very strong, I can't lie, but in the current patch the WL's took over the entire lake... But what about mSW? Compared to the attention on several other specs of other classes, it was made very clear that the development of the class is going to a lonely place, it cannot stand out as a burst class because obviously we have the WL which does this much better and as a DPS ... There's nothing to comment on, the class's AP problem is surreal. So, I come to make a suggestion for mSW to fit into some part of the game, as it currently cannot stand out in any scenario. Taking this into consideration, I bring you some skills from DESTRO classes that we can use as a basis for discussion:

mSquig - Tastes Like Suntie: ability that deals damage to the target for 5 seconds and heals itself for the total amount of damage dealt.

WE - Sacrificial Stab: unlike WH, this is an extra sustain ability as it also has the healing/finisher tactic. So it's an additional skill in the right-hander's kit that increases her survivability.

With that, I wanted to make a suggestion so that mSW (a class that has a stealth theme, which uses shadows to sneak up and kill its enemies in the blink of an eye) takes a better position in solo gameplay. Then bring a survival kit to balance your loss of burst and dps over time:

I have two suggestions based on the skills mentioned above:

Mirroring the squig's ability - Swift Strikes: heal all damage caused by this ability.

It is a cast ability, meaning it can be interrupted so it is much less impactful on the balance itself.


Mirroring WE's ability - Crosscust: if this ability is used while you are under the effect of Vengeful, it will deal spiritual damage and heal you for the damage dealt.

With this, we bring sustain to the class which allows better playability on a small scale without having to always play glasscannon (which we know is currently unplayable)

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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#2 » Wed Feb 28, 2024 3:40 pm

First of all i don't like the "mirrow" this or that ability. Classes should stay unique at least in a small way.
Second self heal on all melee classes come with a price. WL need a tactic as WH/WE does. SH have its "self heal" in his aoe path. Slayer Choppa need to be red to feel any impact of their melee heal. So what is the price a SW have to pay for it?
Specifically if you keep in mind that the mSW is no melee class by itself. Sw do stance dance like the marauder.
So we have a strong range class with a okay melee path

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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#3 » Wed Feb 28, 2024 6:20 pm

aSW is actually better than WL on sc. Good dps, hd and burst. Still bad without your own support to do the rest for you. And your dps doesn't drop because your pet is killed.

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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#4 » Wed Feb 28, 2024 8:19 pm

For real? Asw got no slow, no aoedetaunt, no charge(very small teleport) no snare/root break. As a Melee class they need constant babysitting. Further more they are held back by the Worst class mechanic in game.
Selfbackpunt is not reliable (broken and bugs out alot since the snare nerf Patch)

Wl is mega meta atm, can go full deftard and still kill with proc meta. 4k armor 500-600tougness, 1.5k hits. I play both classes. (Yes, Pet pathing is also broken)

Sw is for sure overnerfed. Msw needs a slow, along with som other minor fixes like group utility, on skills, not tactics. The Ap Gain skill is just laughable.

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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#5 » Wed Feb 28, 2024 9:17 pm

mSW are AP starved, have no AoE damage (top 5 most bafflingly useless skills - I legit ask "why does this exist?" everytime I think of that spell), have no root/slow break, no AoE detaunt and no slow of their own.

Is it a fun class and a fun sub-spec? Yes.

Were the above points mentioned by others users already? Well, yes.

Should they be mentioned by anyone who plays the class anytime the word "balance" and "mSW" are in the same sentence? Also yes.

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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#6 » Thu Feb 29, 2024 12:05 am

For range:

The class needs a better ability pref not a slow ability to connect the KD 65 to 72 ft is way to short for a range class its literally frontline range. 80 to 90 range minimum

Whirling Pin needs to be reverted so its reliable again i dont care about the slow just make it useful again.

Give the class some needed mobility like the SH's ability Run Away! Would help to connect the KD and the class overall mostly skirmish since you now can move while cast Take Down.

Guerilla training tactic is useless since it dont work 50% of the time while you cast/stance dance and you dont get any speed boost from it.

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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#7 » Thu Feb 29, 2024 3:03 am

Theres build based on spirals/instacast stance switching with guerilla. Second have video how to use it. But yeah the curent state of SW is below hell. Dunno who did patches idea for sw but it didnt solved any problems and created basilion new ones. Not to mention it fk uped gear build. Where sh in melle become copy of lion with uniq addition to wb, sw become shitty version of hat with zero utilities of hat, only dif its more armored and protected. Problem not in MSW, its in class overall, feels like devs dont understand howbto fix so they broke it entirely.
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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#8 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 10:03 am

In my opinionstrands, these suggestions could potentially improve the balance and playability of mSW in the game, offering more strategic options and enhancing the class's identity as a stealth-themed melee fighter.

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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#9 » Mon Mar 18, 2024 7:58 pm

i like the way snrub thinks

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Re: [SW] mSW - good suggestion for balance

Post#10 » Tue Mar 19, 2024 3:25 am

If they just made Takedown and Shadow Sting 100 feet like the rest of the Skirmish tree, allow BHA in assault stance again, and maybe a melee snare OR snare break, I'd be on cloud nine.

Edit: And this probably will never happen but, having our detaunt be pbaoe only while in assault stance without the use of the tactic would be an immense QoL change and would free up a tactic to be changed by the balance team to something actually useful. A man can dream....
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