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[WL] Cleave limb change

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Re: [WL] Cleave limb change

Post#41 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 2:16 am

ah, looks like von kaiser has entered the ring! (von kaiser is round 2 opponent in mike tyson's punchout)

u say:
"Why you decided to do math based on using loner instead of the crit tactic seems pretty smooth brained to me. Also trying to use math using loner spec instead of pack synergy and the ability in question is your snare."

i say:
loner gives more damage. take a look
(.45x2x134)+(.55x134) = 194.3

my original math with loner:
"1.25(.45x1.5x134)+1.25(.55x134) = 205.19 avg dmg"

u say:
"so it's just a blanket change to make destro players happy while psuedo nerfing the WL"

i say:
A blanket change addresses more than one thing. I'd say this change is a micro change and you might be misusing a phrase you heard that you thought sounded like it came from a brain with ripples and lobes. I think the term you're looking for might be "pittance".

u say:
"we nerfed WL, look" Secerts said it himself on the same stream that he spawned a giant train and ruined a keepsiege for 400 ppl then deleted."

I say:
How is secrets spawning a train relevant to anything I've said?

u say:
"Wl's still have pounce and this gives them a speedboost"

i say:
pounce is not part of my argument. it never has been.

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Re: [WL] Cleave limb change

Post#42 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 9:31 am

That's rough some people are actually too stupid to communicate with, a shame really.

Message me personally or in game I'd prefer not pollute the thread of broken dreams and nerfed cats with your, "I say u say" tactic of communication.

my final say below.
Picking a apart a conversation to make yourself seem like you're right while ignoring all relevant information must feel really cool.

-"Pounce is not part of my argument. it never has been."
-weird math that factors in loner but not pet damage on the alternate data calculation, claiming it does more damage...
-twisting the conversation to be about city spec WL to be able to justify loner spec then talking about the skill that you aren't using in a city.

You might as well factor in revenge doing more damage than loner since that's a 50% increase in damage instead of your loner tactic and call that "accurate" data.

I can try explaining it one more time for your pea sized mind, but to penetrate such a fortress of stupidity might actually be impossible for text so you might need a few more years of experience, but heres to trying to educate!

The changes to WL snare do not affect the playstyle of white lion what-so-ever so to see people like you complaining about bias is just shitty game knowledge in reality. Sorry you feel hurt and biased that your snare got tuned down, if only you had a gap close or a pet that moves 50% faster than players that had a snare or something. What precious little snowflakes you people are. You still have force opp, leonine frenzy, coordinate burst, a cat that can ascend to godhood, and pounce the utility to make any melee dps class wet, just look at our bois the Squig herders, opting to play a more viable melee spec than their original ranged specs, but this is a tangent lets step back.

To say WL snare had better up-time to compensate marauder higher base damage is also a falacy, You had higher up-time for 0 reason, as it was a change originally made by RoR devs that I would love to hear sound logical reasoning behind. Tank archetype classes have the 5 second CD 10 second snare because they are the class meant to apply CC by design (knight aoe slow, BG/IB aoe slow, and lost but not forgotten BO) so tell me more about how you sense bias here. No MDPS has aoe slows or should have had a 100% up-time snare. Factor in the use of a snare (to catch a target or slow movement) and WL has this base covered by not only a gapclose (pounce) but this gapclose comes equipped with a pocket speed-buff. I'll say it one more time so you can understand it to as it's a pretty important factor.

1."Marauders have higher base damages because WL's have a 2nd player tied to them. WL actually comes out on top of damage in general because of this"
2."WL's have higher AP costs on some abilities because WL's have a 2nd player tied to them that doesn't use ap or require any additional resources. Marauder, and all mdps classes for that sake, are just as AP starved. (it's almost like the game wants you to play with classes that help your AP issues or something)"
3."Loner tactic being slotted doesn't allow you to ignore 1 and 2 as that would be an idiots way of thought."

The idea that you believe that is "because I use loner the class is imbalanced/biased" is stupid as loner tactic is a choice, and widely considered WL's worst orientation of play, by many. Skilled WL players take speed training and pack synergy+leonine frenzy for just about all content. Forts, cities, keeps, you might take loner and try to aoe bomb with whirly axe and armor pen but again this is a choice of gameplay. You aren't bound to play AOE spec in a keep/fort/city. If you think it's the only way to play then you haven't tried any small man ganking, postern camping, jail camping, highway ganks, or backline healer kill 6 man in any of those forms of content. You are forced to participate in content but how you participate in content is completely up to you. Some days I roam around in 6 mans as 2/2/2 but other days I play with a tank+squigherder with no healer and it can be just as successful or a **** travesty, lol.

The only slightly imba thing spoken semi-correctly in this thread is that squig snare is still a 10 second snare with 5 second CD, but HOLY **** if this isn't the king of being a dumbass IDK what is. Allow squigs to use Cut Ya inside their squig, then change the snare to 5 second snare 10 second CD. Or just adjust damage. That is all. But a whole different conversation topic is mirroring vs diversity.

Ignorance is bliss but bliss for me is pile-driving your entire argument. Joined the server in 2020 no wonder you're such an illiterate dip ****. Sorry no re, nerd.
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Re: [WL] Cleave limb change

Post#43 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 10:25 am

Stophy22 wrote:
Sun Jul 05, 2020 1:10 am
Wl's still have pounce and this gives them a speedboost, and a pet that can snare as well.
I didnt talk about the nerf to the reuse or duration so how does any of this matter?

This was about it costing 5ap more than all the other snares. how does pounce make it cost less AP?

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Re: [WL] Cleave limb change

Post#44 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 5:42 pm


your tactic of bullying then complaining about effective communication is hilarious.

do you expect me to read your post? cause, *spoiler* i didn't click the spoiler. i already know what you gotta say, dude. something about my smooth brain, my intelligence being in question, and something other cliche insult you didn't come up with. mb a little moral high ground as well. perhaps some argument that has little to do with the relevance of the post that allows you to draw a dismissive conclusion towards my argument. such as 'order has rampage, therefore white lions have to spend 5 more ap on their snare'

i've already read enough of your posts to know the gist of what you're gonna say cause you're predictable, just like von kaiser.

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Re: [WL] Cleave limb change

Post#45 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 6:18 pm

5 pages of 5 ap more or less just WOW

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Re: [WL] Cleave limb change

Post#46 » Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:14 pm

Did anyone here factor in whatever hidden multiplier strength has on each individual ability in all these calculations? Cause that is also a thing that the tool tip doesn't mention at all, and plays a huge difference in what the actual damage number is that pops up over the enemy head.

Did I just break the 5 pages of math arguments?
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