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White Lion

Post#1 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:00 pm

Sorry but frankly white lions need to be nerfed. As a melee you have no chance vs them. Snare they run out of your melee range. and then let the lion tear you to shreds whilst they sit and drink tea.

I have videos of Zalindra doing just this. lone white lion farming destruction!

The class is melee not ranged and should be forced to be in melee range for lion to obey!

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Re: White Lion

Post#2 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 3:43 pm

Hello friend.

So you are calling for nerfs based on tier 1 balance?

Could you upload video proof? I would very much like to see this lonely hungry kitty cat, that's been molesting your poor character, in action.
White Lion

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Re: White Lion

Post#3 » Sun Apr 14, 2019 4:07 pm

Stick to Balance Forum for all proposals even nerfs.

Thanks you.
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