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[BW] Aoe and scenario spec

Knight of the Blazing Sun, Bright Wizard, Witch Hunter, Warrior Priest

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[BW] Aoe and scenario spec

Post#1 » Sun Jan 10, 2021 7:50 pm

As per title i was thinkgin about:

a) - Bright Wizard scenario singel target

b) - Bright Wizard open RVR idea

feedback please :D and please apart intellect also explain me the best stats to socket with

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Re: [BW] Aoe and scenario spec

Post#2 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 8:32 am

So for both builds, Funnel Power in the incineration tree is amazing. It totals a lot of dmg and preassure. Your scenario/single target looks good. But I think people like to take Withering Heat as part of the ST one shot rotation, instead of the bottom one in that tree (forgot the name)

Your aoe build... so unfortunately backdraft creates a lot of problems knocking people out of range of your melee. Definitely take annihilate. It crits so hard and just melts everything close to you. Hits em so hard their relatives die in fire related incidents. Aoe is usually melee or close to melee range. You want to be close enough to watch their flesh melt off their bones.

For stats you want wounds. It allows you to stay at high combustion with little penalty. Also, large health pools are easier to heal and harder to kill. After that futile strikes in melee aoe range, or maybe a touch of magical crit chance.

I don't know everything there is to know. But if you have more questions, I can try to help. Builds change slightly the higher RR you get. And depending in content you do.

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Re: [BW] Aoe and scenario spec

Post#3 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 1:28 pm

Are you using the sequencer? BW is one of the classes that I didn't play often and relied on NB to set a proper rotation. Since some of the BW attacks require an existing hex or dot I really miss NB for it. Does the sequencer work with this class?
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Re: [BW] Aoe and scenario spec

Post#4 » Mon Oct 18, 2021 9:08 pm

Yup as Warkitten stated, you can try different builds to see what you like, and over the years I have tried many set ups, on live had a 90 sorc, and a 96 BW, here I have been away for a year or so but still have a 80 + BW. and a 40 sorc I haven`t leveled since march 2016.

For single target Scenario type build, I1d focus on something like this the heal debuff is ok, but it will normally be covered by a melee class, this allows you to set up burst rotation, with witherhing heat, and FBB to assist on kills, you could go Stop drop and roll instead of FBB, ... ,3561,3563

For the AOE build, nothing wrong with backdraft, but has limited use as can knock players away, and give immunity, I tend to switch between this build in open RvR ... ,3570,3531

And this one for city if I do city, haven`t needed to do city in 2 years, but this one does ok provided you have guard as it requires close combat. and you will be focused. ... ,3570,3568

If no guard bot and deciated heals, use a set up similar to the other, Fbb, nova etc, with ruin and dest as moral 2 . for moral bomb . for a more ranged aoe build, ... ,3570,3531

Wounds are important, you want to try and get to 8000 + unbuffed so with wp hp buff you`ll be around 9k to survive moral bomb, and then itel as close to cap as you can, mix and match sets to get stats you are missing, I normally am around 1040 intel, 8500 wounds, and with combustion, sets etc 75% chance to crit.

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