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[WE] What am I doing wrong?

Black Guard, Sorceress, Witch Elf, Disciple of Khaine

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[WE] What am I doing wrong?

Post#1 » Wed May 06, 2020 11:52 am

To all the WE who knows what they are doing:

What the hell am I doing wrong?

I use this spec: - Witch Elf

My usual rotation: KoA/KoD (for healers)

I pop out of stealth with ES followed by OYN, 2 AW or AW+TS (for casters/healers) then BLB, PA, pop the EoIP and slice a few times to get 5BLs and then RA or OYN (RA mostly, as OYN is still on cd usually, and target has immunity already).
If it is a tank I put FP+AW in the mix instead of EoIP+slice, and go for EoIP in the second rotation.

Usually there is no second rotation because I am dead before I get to Frenzies. Sometimes EB+AE or Elixir of Shadows or Confusing Movements gets me out, sometimes not.

Gear is 3Invader+3vanq+genesis pieces.
RR points I went with lowering chance to be crited and ofc crit chance.

And I still am at the lower end of the dps spectrum in scs or city fights (even compared to other WEs. They can do 100k dmg in the same scs I do 50k.)

So where am I going wrong?
What are the mistakes I make?
What is wrong with the rotation, or anything really?
Tactics maybe?
Thoughts? Ideas?

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Re: [WE] What am I doing wrong?

Post#2 » Wed May 06, 2020 12:08 pm

How much STR you got and how much crit chance?
For some duel builds other tactics might be more valuable than going for crit tactic but then the healdebuff would be already questionable.
Your whole build looks centered around finishers but without crit tactic you won't get true burst dmg.
Drop mid path and go for crit tactic.
Having no inc heal debuff isn't bad, when others in group got it.
3 tactics centered around finishers is too much IMO, drop the bloodlust gain tactic.
A tactic which is only active on finishers, 25% more dmg, I would consider worse than flanking, which increases all your dmg, if hit from behind. Most of your hits won't be finishers in any case.
Max crit chance from gear, 3/3 gives wounds and str but crit is your main dmg stat.
Dying is no option.

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Re: [WE] What am I doing wrong?

Post#3 » Wed May 06, 2020 12:55 pm

That build looks like it could work for city wb fights. Where you used to OYK, then slice with aoe tactic when the short armor ignore was active + elixir after, then also added option to hdebuff enemy damage dealers in midst of aoe / st pressure. This was pre-aoe nerf, nowdays the slice aoe tactic is bit moot so the armor ignore tactic with this spec is kinda so and so idea.

Invest more into Vanq + Beastlord I would say, invader is so and so set which you can play around when you get the jewel to get that str or maybe even wounds bonus. Try to get crit into the gear as told in post earlier. Onslaught has amazing set bonuses (better than sov, only that the gear piece stat distribution is so and so) so looking into that set is also worth.

More of solo oriented setup

Group oriented

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Re: [WE] What am I doing wrong?

Post#4 » Wed May 06, 2020 1:30 pm

I don’t know if it will be useful for you, but so far I have chosen two optimal builds for myself
1. for maximum damage, especially good against tanks, as well as for quick burst from stealth. (in scenarios, group, cities, wb) - Witch Elf

2. Damage is much less than in the first, but mobility and survival are much higher ( in RvR). - Witch Elf

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