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[WE] how does the For the Hag Queen! work with frenzies exacly?

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[WE] how does the For the Hag Queen! work with frenzies exacly?

Post#1 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:35 am

So For the Hag Queen! tooltip says "Your frenzies will now have 10% chance per point spent to knock down the enemy fot 4 seconds"
How does it work exactly?
Does it work with Witchbrew?
If it works with Ruthless assault does the 10-50% apply to all 6 attacks you do during the channel or only to one/frenzie as a whole?
Similarly if it works with Heart rendered Toxin or Puncture does it apply to both attacks or only one?

If it works with Witchbrew you would have (at 5 BL) 50% chance to knock down in one of 6 attacks (that will take place in the next 9 seconds probably). If it works with every attack of Ruthless assault it would have (at 5 BL) 50% for a knockdown in one of 6 attacks in the next 3 seconds.

I know that other ways to get a knockdown are more reliable, and I know there is global cooldown, but I would really like to hear form someone who knows how FtHQ works.

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Re: [WE] how does the For the Hag Queen! work with frenzies exacly?

Post#2 » Mon Apr 13, 2020 5:28 am

On using a finisher not on every tick of your finisher. It's a one go or nothing.
You could try to have a target when using witchbrew and see how it goes. You can test it on NPC but I'm not convinced of it working with FTHQ.

FTHQ is deadly against squishies because of the 4s vs 3s KD.
I always take Whirling Blades (33% extra bloodlust) in combo with FTHQ.
Heart Seeker is 5ft and requires being in the back or popping FP to make sure to get it off. FTHQ has the advantage of the 30ft from finishers.
There's no CD on FTHQ, you just need bloodlusts.

You will have to make a choice, less damage output or FTHQ and I strongly suggest to also take WB for the combo.
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