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[Black Guard] Beginner 2h build - Warband build

Black Guard, Sorceress, Witch Elf, Disciple of Khaine

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Re: [Black Guard] Beginner 2h build - Warband build

Post#11 » Sun Mar 29, 2020 5:06 pm

No, he means Dragon's End. It also gives the defensive proc. I just can't remember which chain gives it.

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Re: [Black Guard] Beginner 2h build - Warband build

Post#12 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:48 am

Is bloodlord better than invader for 2h BG?

do you think its better a 2h BG than a SNB in warband? Im getting bored of being a tank and get no rewards at all on fort/cities

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Re: [Black Guard] Beginner 2h build - Warband build

Post#13 » Tue May 19, 2020 1:56 pm

TreefAM wrote:
Wed Mar 18, 2020 12:44 pm
Dropping hastened doom for terrifying foe makes you a bit useless in a warband though, aand you don't want to waste gcd on hatefulstrike over murderous wrath.
I used to play with 820 toughness on my bg, but lowered it to 780, gonna drop it by another 70 pretty soon in favour of dmg.
If you want to be a tanky blackguard, you can safely stay at 700toughness, 800str, 900wounds and over 4k armour, you are still going to be hard to kill and be able to apply your buffs/debuffs.
Ok. I did some minmaxing with the minmaxing tool on forum. And now a question. How do you achieve 700 toughness 800 str, 900 wounds and 4k armour?
The closest I got was 700t (with tactic), 900w, 4k armour and 330 str. There is about 400 in stats missing (pots maybe give you 120 and 660 armour but what else???). What gear are you suppose to use to get to those numbers? (lets say that no one can have sov on demand so excluding sov (and even with sov those numbers just do not add up).

For example: The set Eilhander suggested gives you: 531t (with tactic, and all talis 24+), 881w, 612 str, 3,7k armour. And that’s full Bloodlord, and there is still 380 points of stats missing (260 with pots).

And do not tell me rr points. No one uses those primarily for stats.

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