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[BG] Rotation Questions

Black Guard, Sorceress, Witch Elf, Disciple of Khaine

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[BG] Rotation Questions

Post#1 » Wed Feb 06, 2019 3:42 pm

Hello! I was hoping for some advice here. As of late, I have been doing more scenarios than RvR, and it's been fun. I just hit level 28, and I am going down the Path of Malice.

There are starting to be a lot of abilities, and it is getting a bit overwhelming. However, some of these abilities I question are even worth using. For example, Mind Killer doesn't seem like its worth adding it in my priority abilities that I should be using. I feel that if I try and stack that x3, there is just way too much rev time for the DMG that I actually need to dish out.

Can I take that off of my hot bar?

I normally start out with Enraged beating, because that brings my hate up fast, and then I apply Pitiless Strike, Horrifc Wound Brutal Smash, and Feeding on the Weakness. Right there seems to be a lot of Rev time -- possibly FW isn't needed as much?

I will also use weave in taunt, Enraged Beating, Murderous Wrath, and Crushing Anger as my DPS hitters.

Should I be using Hateful Strike? Doesn't seem worth it, IMO.

In short, so I at least I am trying to show that I am thinking here before I ask for help -- should I be using these abilities as my main DPS abilities:

EB, PS, HW, BS, FoW, MW, and CA

Can you possibly tell me what my opener should be if I am flat out wrong? I appreciate your help!

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Re: [BG] Rotation Questions

Post#2 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:58 am

You have the right idea, you want to use enraged beating first if you have low hate, and you definitely want to buff your STR with brutal smash as soon as you can every fight. You should also snare your target before using EB if they aren't already snared. Tanks have the lowest cooldowns/longest uptimes for their snare abilities, and it will help prevent your target from escaping or pursuing other targets. When you have high hate and your str buff is already up, your rotation should look something like; Horrific Wound > Pitiless Strike > Enraged Beating > Crushing Anger and then murderous wrath or whatever else you have before EB comes off cooldown again. If you can help it try to not use Murderous Wrath against low armor targets if you have other options available, the base damage on other abilities like EB or crushing anger will give you better damage returns against lesser armored targets. If you are attacking a healer try your best to interrupt their casting with crushing anger or taunt.

Forget about using mind killer unless you have the heal debuff tactic. The amount of willpower it debuffs is not worth 3 global cooldowns. If you dont have the heal debuff tactic, you are better off interrupting casts and ap debuffing to kill healers, rather than spamming willpower debuffs.

Feeding on weakness is also another ability that you may want to take off your bar, the amount of damage it heals/deals is not great, and the toughness buff doesn't stack with toughness potions. Once you get to t4 and have enough gold to consistently buy toughness pots this ability becomes obsolete. You don't want to have to consistently re-apply buffs over and over if you can just use a potion instead, the only buff you should be re-applying on cooldown is brutal smash unless you decide you want to use the terrifying foe tactic. Dont use hateful strike ever for pvp unless you use the terrifying foe tactic.

If you haven't already I would highly recommend setting up some more keybinds near your WASD keys. Blackguards have a lot of abilities, and most of their spec abilities are really useful as well so you need all the keybinds you can get. Definitely bind q,e,r,f, alt+qerf, alt 1-5 and f1,f2,f3,f4. The number of keys you have to remember will become less intimidating once you play the class a bit more.

Hope this helps, good luck.
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Re: [BG] Rotation Questions

Post#3 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 2:52 am

Thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it.

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Re: [BG] Rotation Questions

Post#4 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:25 am

The action you should prioritise over anything else are:
-dark protector
-taunt (to interrupt)
-maligant strike/spiteful slam (depending on your spec)
Those 6 actions are the main moves of a tank and you should do a good usage of all of them in EVERY fight.

Second in priority are buffs and debuffs:
-brutal smash & feeding on weakness must have close to 100% uptime
-terrifying foe: 100% uptime if you have it and imho you should if you go malice
-horrific wound
-shield of rage
-furious howl
-crush the weak

Only after all of this you can start using pitiless strike, murderous wrath , mind killer, etc.
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Re: [BG] Rotation Questions

Post#5 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:02 am

When it comes to what abilities you use it depends largely on what party you are in and what pots you run. Is there a chosen? Does he run toughness and strength aura? Don't bother casting Feeding on Weakness and Brutal Smash. Do you have a strength pot on? Don't bother with Brutal Smash even if there isn't a chosen. Same with toughness pot, don't bother with Feeding on Weakness.

Pitiless Strike is mostly just good for activating Filled With Fury if A) Crimson Death was used more than two seconds ago. B) You didn't sepc Crimson Death.

As per above, should be clear that you should always pop either Pitiliess Strike or Crimson right before Enraged Beating (or Furious Howl, but the damage is quite pitiful on this one, would rather pop it well before EB). Rest of the rotation is pretty much just keeping snare up, keeping Horrific Wound up, using Shatter Enchantment and spamming Murderous Wrath until you can do EB again. Crushing Anger can be used, just mind Hastened Doom uptime.

You can try keeping Filled With Fury up between EBs aswell, but keep in mind you need 100 hate for any punt and reapplication of Horrific Wound.

Taunt can be used offensively, just pop it before Pitiless Strike/Crimson Death>EB for 30% damage. Challenge should be popped whenever needed to reduce damage on allies. Pop Shield of Rage whenever you or DP needs it. Pop Crush The weak when you don't need to keep up as much pressure as possible or when the situation calls for it.
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Re: [BG] Rotation Questions

Post#6 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:09 am

I would sugest you devide up your skills in 3 situational catagories with 3 different rotations (with some varibles). Some skills will be present in multiple situations.

1: Offensive rotation. This requires dps testing for every build. Usually it's Hate building firstly if you're on low CM. Then followed with strongest debuff (depending on group)

2: Defending your Dark Protector. If DP gets heavily pounded you want to use rotation to boost their survival. Again heavily depends on your build and what attacks the DP for priority.

3: Defending yourself. Almoast the same as 2 but you wanna prioritize self buffs firstly, like the heal for example.

What I suggest to avoid is trying to do all at the same time, like just wasting ICD on skills that arn't very relevant to the situation. Many people just mash skills to see buff icons to project themself as a buff machines.

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Re: [BG] Rotation Questions

Post#7 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 11:41 am

what road said but is also build dependant; also some buff or debuff have priority and are mandatory in sequence so usualy you can do 2 string with nb for self buff sequence and off debuff sequence; while also keep "some" skill duplicte on normal keyboard; for exemple enraged beating you both need it in and out of the string cuz is both a part of offensive rotation for assist and is a self def tool (need to build hate for self defense stats increase). It's all related to build anyway. By remove useless stuff unless you have the right tactic for it and with nb for mandatory skill chain rotation it should be possible fit all togheter on 20 keyboards.

for exemple if you use 2 x toughness tactic; you may always prefer refresh toughness buff often and after that buff willpower for disrupt so since you allways gona refresh everything with the same timestrap just bind it togheter.

again all rotation are build dependant; set skill priority both off, self def, party support-->put mandatory rotation on NB add on and what you need flexible put it simple on keyboard.

i adviset buy atleast a 2 button mouse; with enemy add on you can set 1 mouse lateral button to swap dark protector and click to swap guard, or another mouse button to swap guard too or autorun, or selftarget (healers) etc.

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Re: [BG] Rotation Questions

Post#8 » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:52 pm

Thank you all for taking time out of your day to help me BG!


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