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Re: Chosen VS KOTBS

Post#51 » Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:52 pm

Hey? Why did you erase your message while I was in the city? Yes, I have SM. I wish that IB had the same numbers. In a full def set as SM, I can knock out half a million to damage and heal 400K. Do not be shy. Today I found in the guild that several people even believe that the chosen one does little tunnel damage. And it must be slightly upset.
This thread is well correlated with where the problem sets are discussed. Therefore, it is clear from which side the characteristics are being built. We are opposed by hordes of bright wizards? let's cram the offensive sets of tightness. What to do the other side where the main damage on the front line. C'mon all equal chances.

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Re: Chosen VS KOTBS

Post#52 » Wed Jun 03, 2020 6:53 pm

Jabba wrote:
Tue Jun 02, 2020 8:37 am
jvlosky wrote:
Mon Jun 01, 2020 6:39 pm
had to log in to show how little you know about each class

This will be fun.

Overall Chosen is better than Knight across the board. Knight gets and interrupt where as chosen gets a silence on anyone who casts on them for 10 seconds.....

Except plenty of things can silence, interrupt isn't affected by Immunity so it's better than some crappy silence that gives out immunity you can't control properly.

Chosen also gets a wounds debuff that isnt restricted to using a 2h it is called Blast Wave

Except the guy specifically said he was asking about 2h builds, so logically we can assume the knight would be running a 2h lol

Chosen Also gets Aoe Snare called Petrify

Except petrify is a root, not a snare, and knight gets a mirror ability as do all tanks.

Chosen doesnt get a crit debuff with their wounds debuff but their same tactic in the slot is argueable as good as it give 15% crit and makes relentless spirit dmg giving another high pressure source of dmg.

10% crit for all >>>>> 15% for just the chosen who doesn't have crit damage tactics as far as I'm aware.

Chosen gets 25% heal debuff on infinite targets within 30 ft = knights variant only affects healing output which means only affects healers. Everyone has to be healed, not everyone can heal. Chosen's is wayy better.

Sure, the chosen version is better for large scale fights, but if the chosen is playing 2h, they're probably doing small scale as 2h chosen is terrible for large scale. In small scale other classes bring the heal debuffs, and they'll overwrite the chosens which is only 25%.

So to combat this you have 15% heal buff for your party which is overridden by RP tactic most of the time.

Except the effects stack genius.

Sit down and shut up plz :D

Literally every single thing you said is wrong, told you it would be fun. Now you've learned something about the game, go out and put what you've learned into practice little bird, make me proud.

So overall Knight has 10% crit debuff for the team and a 15% party heal buff where chosen gets unrestricted access to their defensive 25% buff with or without shield (making them more tanky as a 2h) and they do more dmg.

25% heal debuff for infinite targets within 30ft > 15% heal buff for your entire party of 5 ppl.

The 10% crit debuff is a necessity because Knight doesn't get access to their wounds debuff without a 2h so you better be using Overpowered Swing cause you have to. 25% reduced healing output version of the Knights heal output debuff is crap compared to Chosen. Everyone needs to be healed, only 1/4 of the warband can actually heal and is usually sitting backline so you need to spread yourself thin just to get use out of it if you get 1 healer in the aura.

Across the board the tactics and pressure brought by chosen > knight. Applying heavy dmg pressure from an extra source > 15% increased healing and loss of access to block and block buff to counter guard dmg. 25% reduced healing across the board > most of Knight brings.

So yeah I guess as a 2h Knight gets 10% crit debuff but loses access to self defensive buff making them less tanky than a 2h chosen of the same gear. And do less dmg, and bring less heal debuff and offensive pressure.

People keep saying that 'omg the utility' but heavy dmg pressure is the meta. Hence why everyone is aoe dmg in large scale battles. Chosen > Knight in practice.

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Re: Chosen VS KOTBS

Post#53 » Thu Jun 04, 2020 7:05 am

bah why did the screenshot of the 1.something mill city get in here and not the 3.1 mill :(

and for the record i was 2h there and aside from the last few days basically always am. just felt like running snb for a while for a change.

also although ofc being champ helps a lot, its more than possible to do decent numbers through out the city as 2h chosen but your heavily group dependent and importantly fight dependent.




just some examples, some wins and at least one loss...its hard to remember exactly how they all go.

sorry for fairly shitty screen shots here but its a few examples. couple of points, the 3.1 mil is my personal best and was dependent upon having a choppa and BO that i frequently group with who are on point with waaagh and chop fasta rotation, it also helps a lot when the fights last longer.

the final one is where i only had a BO and no choppa and you can see the results with other tanks catching up and surpassing.

also for the record we have won many cities on stage 3 so the massive number of deaths we sometimes take dont always indicate a loss, just saying.

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