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DPS Shaman Gear Roadmap

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Re: DPS Shaman Gear Roadmap

Post#11 » Sat Dec 24, 2022 10:25 pm

And this is exactly what the other thread devolved into, which is why I even hesitated to mention it. IMO - either route is viable, but they use very different gear, so you will need to choose very early on and stick with it.

I’m still working on collecting the stuff for a magic power build, and I’ve got 6k/13k crests for it…after buying all the sov/warlord for crit build and full heal sov. The grind is real. But I would love to eventually be able to do the testing for both sets.

Like I said in the previous thread - I would really, really appreciate it if someone was willing to work with me to test out the magic power build (in a comparable manner to how the magic crit one was tested) so that we could have an accurate comparison between the two. Thanks!
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Re: DPS Shaman Gear Roadmap

Post#12 » Sat May 27, 2023 7:46 pm


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Re: DPS Shaman Gear Roadmap

Post#13 » Sun May 28, 2023 8:31 am

bw10 wrote: Fri Dec 23, 2022 10:18 pm hi - looking for gearing and spec advice

i just completed bloodlord at rr52. my gear is:

7/7 bloodlord
bloodlord weapon
bloodmoon ring
genesis aspect + remnant
senti ring

how do i tali this? what to put in senti ring? how do i spend rr?

my priorities are roam>sc>surf
I'd stick to full int with maybe a few wounds talis.
Put a +23 wounds tali in one of Sent jewel, the other takes +54 magic power or magic crit.

RR get int to softcap (with buffs), rest in defence or magic crit.

1. Start going to LotD, with some luck you can get the Fury of the Sandstorm cloak + ring set in a couple of weeks (note the Golden Scarabs are account realm bound, so if you have on another destro alt you can mail them to your shammie).
Replace sent or bloodmoon ring.

2. Get to R68..
Buy Victorious R68; body, belt and one of choice for about 3k crests (I'd go with shoulders as it's very close to sov off and better than warlord)
Mix with bloodlord gear.

3. Get to +R73..
At this point, you can decide if you want to pick up warlord or continue as is to R78.

If you feel like you are lvling too slow, you are struggling, you can pick up Warlord ring, gloves and helm for 2.5k (assuming you did not pick Victorious gloves and helm), this setup is fairly strong (3xVic + 3xWar + 2xBloodlord + 2xLotd + 2xGenesis) and War can be used later for a beefy 3xVic + 3xWar + 3xOff setup.

If you are using a lot of AoE abilities (FodG, Scuse Me and Da Waagh Is Coming) and you don't mind being more of a glass cannon, you can go 7p warlord + 2p Vic (body+ring) or 5p War for magic power builds.

Otherwise continue to R78 and pick up 5p Sov Off, for 5xOff + 4xVic, which strikes the best balance and has overall most stats.

4. Get Victorious ring (10k crests)
5. Get other gear or get other dps staff
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Re: DPS Shaman Gear Roadmap

Post#14 » Sun May 28, 2023 9:48 am

noobwarrior wrote: Sat May 27, 2023 7:46 pm
The picture is so pixelated, nobody should be able to see anything.
Furthermore why would anyone care about max stats archived banner buffs and additional classes like zealot to help buff stats? :)
In case you are really into artificial numbers, do the same in RVR with lvl16 zealot and bolstered zealot Intel buff.
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