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Squig Herder Big Shootin Build

Post#1 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 7:24 pm

So for shiz n giggles, I ran a Big Shootin' (poor man's fester bomb) build over the past couple nights. I sacrificed the pet, survivability tools, and went full glass cannon. My gear is not the greatest since I am still full Conq, but I mixed in 2 INV and 2 OPP to try to max my BS. Full crit, full BS, rest in WS.

- PA critting tanks for 2000+ (occassional) ...and yes, I still love to kill tanks when I can because i dont do shiz damage to them even with an 820WS
- PA critting enginerds at 3100+
- time stamping Poison Arrow and Exploding Arrow on 0s then Plink and Finish Em Off on +1s (sometimes +2s)

- reduced mobility and speed, standing still made me nervous and twitchy
- missing the range increase tactic for DoT, heal debuff, init debuff, and Run'nShoot
- missing ranged disarm and ranged KD w pet
- generally missing the pet to annoy order healers
- "slow feel" to the build

RoR.builders - Squig Herder

Maybe I'll try some mSH this weekend. Any tips?
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In Conq because I can't get enough INV to wear Warlord+...darnit!!


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