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[SHAMAN] Da Zappin' Healin' Hybrid Healer Build.

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[SHAMAN] Da Zappin' Healin' Hybrid Healer Build.

Post#1 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:56 pm

Iz yoo a gobbo? Iz yoo tired of bein' pushed around by da stuntiez? Yoo've 'ad enuff. It's time to settle da score. It's time to add a little bit of ZAP to your healin' rotation.
It's time to go hybrid. It's time to fite bakk!

No doubt there are thousands of errors in here, likely counter-intuitive instructions and a bizarre mixture of roleplay and real advice text. I know you gitz are goin' to roast me and put me firmly in da 'BADDIE' list but this is my gobbo and this is my guide. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you boyz. - Shaman



You should aim to be wearing a mix of mainly Oppressor and Off-set Sovereign with three pieces of Main-set sovereign.

My current set up

3 Sovereign of the Great Green.
Hands +24 wounds
Shoulders + 24 Willpower

2 Sovereign of the Windbreaka
Back (+24 Toughness)

3 Oppressor. (Replace with Warlord once you have the three pieces)
Helmet, +24 Intelligence
Chest + 24 Intelligence
Feet + 24 Wounds

2 Genesis of the Scholar

1 Sentinel
Waaaghbeads +4% Healing crit.

Sinistar +24 Wounds & +24 Intelligence

(You will need an OFFENSIVE staff that gives you a casting time reduction upon being hit. This will help you pull off some disgustingly quick group heals in a pinch and adding a hefty 114 intelligence to your stats.)



'Ey Quit Bleedin (AoE HoT)

Your bread and butter heal over time spell. You will want this on your allies and yourself ideally before the fight starts. One cast of this spell will apply the HoT to your target and two additional allies within 15 feet.
You will be using this spell both pre-emptively and reactively. Casting this before a battle will give you a lovely stack of 5Gork giving you the ability to cast your lifedrains whilst moving and making your DoT's alot nastier.

Look Over There! (Single Target Detaunt) & Stop Hitting Me (AoE Detaunt)

Arguably your two most important abilities. Look Over There is your single target detaunt with the same range as your healing spells (100ft). Ideally you will cast this detaunt before the enemy reaches you so you benefit from taking -50% damage from him the moment he first hits you. Be proactive and use this ability on bright wizards and Engis AoE'ing your group or single targetting you. This may just let you survive a morale bomb.

Stop Hitting Me will be your go to ability when you're surrounded, caught in the middle of an AoE spam or about to have a Witch Hunter and all his friends unload on you. Not only does this ability detaunt ALL enemies within 30ft, it also increases your chance to disrupt attacks by 5%.
A handy tactic you can use for healing in a tight sitation is to drop your Fury of da Green then immediately cast Stop Hitting Me or Look Over There for a burst of healing followed by a reduction in damage taken

Gedup! (Resurrection)

As rule, you will not be casting this in combat as you lack the instant ressurection talent. Leave that to the gobbos who have slotted this. However, should you have Mork charges and the casting time speed increase from your staff; you will be able to ressurect an ally almost instantly.

Yer Not So Bad (AP Drain)

You will be casting this at every opportunity. Not only will you need the extra AP - it also denies the enemy 140 AP over 7 seconds. You will be ideally casting this on targets with low willpower such as Slayers, White Lions, Shadow Warriors. Not only will they be unlikely to resist it, they'll also suffer greatly from the lack of action points. Secondarily, you will be casting this on healers to deny the rat and its allies much needed heals

EEK! (AoE Knockback and 20% Snare)

You've suddenly been jumped by rats or they've managed to surround you? Cast this to knock them back. Bonus points if you can knock them off ledges, cliffs or into Stikky Feetz. DO NOT CAST THIS SPELL ON ENEMIES WITH LOW HEALTH. YOU MIGHT JUST SAVE THEM.


Gork'll Fix It (Minor Heal with HoT)

Your quick casting heal with a lingering HoT. A handy ability to have when kiting or running away as you can cast this ability whilst moving. Sadly, this will not really heal enough to save an ally under any pressure. You'll be praying that this heal gives you enough time to cast Bigger Better and Greener OR Fury of da Green.

Mork's Buffer (+All Resists)

Cast this ability to buff your allies. Also be sure to cast this ability after every fight as this is an enchantment and can be dispelled by tanks using Shatter Enchantment

Bigger Better and Greener (Single Target Heal)
Your main single target heal. This is one of your bread and butter spells. Try to avoid casting this unless you have MORK to reduce its cast time, and in most cases casting Gather Round will be a better option. However this spell heals for more and is more AP efficient than your AoE heal and a spam of this can save an ally in dire straits

Gather Round (AoE Heal)
One of the most powerful healing spells in your arsenal and if you get a chance to cast this spell safely and it will heal more than two allies, it is worth your time. You will be wanting to cast this spell whilst having MORK charges or under the effect of your staffs reduction in cast time proc.
You must use this spell to juggle MORK and GORK charges for rapid casts of both Gather Round and Fury of da Green, allowing you to put out strong bursts of healing in a relatively short time.

Greener and Cleaner
Without the tactic to add a HoT component, this spell would be almost useless in this build. However with Green Cleanin' slotted, this ability becomess a fairly powerful to be used in tandem with 'Ey Quit Bleedin for a lovely rolling ticks, each one having a chance to crit.


FURY OF THE GREEN (AoE Heal and Damage spell with Life Drain)

Your entire spec revolves around the use of this spell to heal your warband and is the most defining spell in your arsenal. You will be casting this the moment its CD is up. Simply find a target, any will do, even a tank if you can't find anything squishier and simultaneously find a git in need of a heal. Cast this spell for an aoe blast of elemental damage centred on your offensive target and an AoE heal containing a flat value + 50% of the damage dealt added as healing.

Not only does this spell ignore line of sight, it also heals targets outside of your party and the healing component of this spell will heal your defensive target as long as his name is clickable. With GORK charges this spell can be cast whilst moving.

You Got Nuffin' (Single Target Damage and Silence)

Use this spell against Bright Wizards launching fireballs at your party, or on healers to disable them and potentially cause them or the ally they're healing to die. This spell is incredibly quick to cast and should be used the moment it's available.

'Scuse Me! (Cone AoE and Resist Debuff)

A lovely spell to be used in conjunction with Mork's Touch. Causing up to 24 targets in a cone front of you to take a fair amount of damage plus a 1 in 4 chance to deal additional damage and remove a blessing. Also very fun to use and is useful in rooting out witch hunters.

I'LL TAKE THAT (Single Target Life Drain)

This spell deals elemental damage, then returns 150% of the damage dealt as healing to your defensive target (Or yourself if you have no defensive target). This life steal can crit and with GORK charges, you can cast this spell whilst moving. Furthermore, the healing component of this spell ignores line of sight. As you'll be packing a decent amount of both willpower and intelligence, this spell can be a fairly reliable way to exhaust your GORK charges whilst Fury of da Green is on cooldown. Be sure to cast this spell on squishies or the healing part will be meagre at best. I have healed over 700 with this spell, making it sometimes more reliable than Gork'll Fix It.

Don' Feel Nuthin (Single Target Shield)

I like to cast this spell on squishy allies when they start to take damage or come under the effect of a heal debuff. Alternatively, save this for yourself when you are attacked to give yourself some breathing room.

Bleed Fer Me (Lifedrain Over Time)

A truly nasty DoT that deals for me 2k damage over 24 second and heals your defensive target for 150% of the damage done. As usual, drop this on a squishy DPS to maximise the healing and damage. You will want this spell up constantly on an enemy. Interestingly, the cooldown ends before the actual spell does, allowing you to put it on extra targets as well.


Gork's Barbs (Healing Reduction Debuff and Damage on Healer

You will be using this lots. Not only is it an instant cast and long range heal debuff, it also causes anyone healing that target to take damage. You can keep this permanently up on a target as it's cooldown is the same length as its duration.

Life Leaka (Single Target Damage Over Time)

Your bread and butter DoT that goes on the enemy after you've cast Get 'n 'Smarter and Bleed For Me. Adds more pressure on the rat you're attacking and useful to get those Mork charges for fast heals

Brain Bursta (Slow Single Target Damage Spell)

A single target nuke that you won't be using much. It has a long cast time without Gork charges, you cannot move whilst casting it and it doesn't do anything else except hit a rat for a small amount of damage. (With associated chance to dispel from tactic)
However, with Sinistar's cast time reduction proc and Gork charges you can rain a nasty salvo of these on a squishy rat and it will hurt them.

Big Waaagh! (Fast Single Target Damage Spell)

A lovely little quick casting nuke that does a significant amount of damage and can be weaved in with DoT's to rapidly gain Mork charges. A nice spell to finish off rats.

Bunch of Waaagh! (Channelled DoT)

ZZAZAZAP! This spell can do a considerable amount of damage and you can control just how long you want to stand still and cast this. This spell does damage the moment it hits as well as the moment it ends so a cast of this for .5 seconds then moving will spike the rat with a burst of elemental damage. Follow up with Big Waaagh!

Ere We Go (Party Buff - Extra Damage Upon Next Hit)

This spell adds a little bit of extra damage for the entire party, upon using any ability or attack this spell will exhaust itself an do a about a hundred or so extra. Cast before a fight and during if you think you can spare that global cooldown.


Green Cleanin:
Add another HoT into your arsenal of spells, as you'll be lacking Do Something Useful, this makes your cleanse actually worth casting.

Extra Special Mushrooms

You're going to be needing the extra healing crit. Which is never a bad thing. This healing critical also extends to your life drains. So even if the damage component of your life drain spells such as Bleed Fer' Me. I'll Take That and Fury of da Green fails to crit on an enemy target, the healing part however can.

Mork's Touch
Now your Fury of da Green and all offensive spellls have a chance to dispel a heal or buff from an enemy, damaging them in the process and turning your group heal into a utility spell that AoE purges the rats of their HoTs and if it successfully does so, it damages them.

You will be taking this tactic as two thirds of your gear will be giving you intelligence, wounds and toughness - not the main stat you actually need to heal. Combine with a willpower pot for one hundred more of your main healing stat. Without this taken, your actual healing spells will be weak.


Gork Sez Stop
This undispellable and unmitigable DoT deals six hundred damage over two seconds, and if the target moves during the effect it is immediately restarted. You put this on a fleeing rat with Gork's Barbs and an assortment of DoT's you'll make killing them noticeably easier.

Breath of Mork
A powerful HoT that once dropped on a target, heals five hundred and one health every three seconds to any surrounding ally. Not only can this potentially heal thousands with every tick it ignores healing debuff effects, it also allows you to keep moving.

You Weren't Using Dat
A situational morale that can potentially dull a charge from irate stunties, stealing one hundred AP from every enemy within thirty feet and giving it to you. Watch in delight as Slayers and White Lion flop about ineffectually as they wonder where all their AP suddenly went and dum-dum AoE spamming healers seize up . Combine this with your AP drain on a particularly nasty target to ruin his day completely.

Alter Fate

You'll rarely be using this, but slot it anyway. This resurrection ignores line of sight.
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Re: [SHAMAN] Da Zappin' Healin' Hybrid Healer Build.

Post#2 » Mon Nov 22, 2021 6:54 pm

Even though I don't use fotg I applaud any shammie keeping the hybrid (and nerfed to the ground) dream alive :)

There is no waaaagh without shamans!

Mork wills it!
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Re: [SHAMAN] Da Zappin' Healin' Hybrid Healer Build.

Post#3 » Tue Dec 21, 2021 11:07 pm

I just started playing around with FoDG and was wondering if I play more as Divine Fury or Discipline to boost my damage+healing. DF would give FoDG more punch and thus more heal, but I've thought about my intermediate spells between FoDG, which would be all healing, and thus pretty week with DF. If we go Discipline, are we just spam healing until mechanic is maxed for FoDG hits. I really like the idea of the CD-reducing staff use. Gonna check bank for that.

After thought, talisman and Willpower tactic but dps gear. Are we just going for middle ground?
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Re: [SHAMAN] Da Zappin' Healin' Hybrid Healer Build.

Post#4 » Wed Dec 22, 2021 9:16 pm

phononHYPE wrote:
Tue Dec 21, 2021 11:07 pm
I just started playing around with FoDG and was wondering if I play more as Divine Fury or Discipline to boost my damage+healing. DF would give FoDG more punch and thus more heal, but which would be all healing, and thus pretty week with DF. If we go Discipline, are we just spam healing until mechanic is maxed for FoDG hits. I really like the idea of the CD-reducing staff use. Gonna check bank for that.

Don't use Divine Fury for warbands, and I don't find it particularly game changing in smaller groups. It weakens your heals too much. The extra damage is fairly negligible as well. Maybe good if you're going full DPS.
I've thought about my intermediate spells between FoDG,
I like to start off with Scuse Me! (Aoe cone) and Gettin' Smarter for the extra intelligence. Now I then like to drop Bleed Fer' Me all on the same squishy target. If you spot a BW drop a silence on him too for good measure and finish that spell off with Life Leaka.
Now you have five Mork charges. You now have alot of options, if your boys are holding steady you can drop some charged HoTs or 1.3k bubbles on the front line; if your boyz or boy is gettin' battered you can spam your aoe or single target heal on him/them.

The moment you have a Gork charge I immediately drop a FodG followed by an AoE heal. Now your FodG will be on cool down, you'll have to pick the next offensive spell carefully depending on the sitation, but a good option is to use your single target life steal then go back into AoE heal followed by another FodG. You can keep repeating this pattern. You will be relying on AP pots to keep this up.

So yes, you'll be spamming heals as required and applying pressure where you can on the right targets.

The CD reducing staff is amazing, if you take any hit you've got a reasonable chance to take a strong cast time reduction, and the proc has a chance to add another stinging dot on your offensive target. It's in BB/BE. Be sure to get it as fast as you can! (Sinistar)
After thought, talisman and Willpower tactic but dps gear. Are we just going for middle ground?
I'd say this build leans slightly into healer.
Despite this, you will likely have more intelligence than willpower but by having that willpower tactic you can keep it to about 600-700+ which is just enough to give your heals oomph as well as give you more disrupt chance.
The reason you will want higher intelligence is because it's going to make your FodG just as powerful as it would be with a healing spec if you land it amongst a decent group. It's still 1.4 to 2.3k++ heal.

With the extra int comes improved viability. You effectively have an extra HoT in your arsenal with Bleed Fer Me. This is going to steal around 1.8k+ damage over a long period and drop it 150% boosted back on your healing target. Even more insane is if you have FodG you can spread this dot around and be transferring thousands of health.
As you'll have respectable int suddenly your single target lifedrain (Life Leaka) is now a viable option to cast. This makes a normally useless skill into a 500-700+ heal that ignores line of sight, can be cast whilst moving and is a strong option to use for building Mork charges for more aoe heal spam.

You should be able to be slightly flexible with tactics. You can take extra heal crit or offensive crit as the situation demands, insta res, or swap Dispel tactic for the Morale pump.

Don't forget to use your stat drains, you will have maxed green tree and these will be sucking 100+ on all stats except wounds in an area around your target.

I think that all helped ya make sense of it.
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Re: [SHAMAN] Da Zappin' Healin' Hybrid Healer Build.

Post#5 » Tue Dec 28, 2021 6:53 am

Fanks fer all dis! Just picked up Sinistar, though I do like my 61 SC heal staff. Gonna try for that CD reduce proc. Gads, I don't even have stat drain on toolbar anymore. Is that effected by our mechanic? Oh wot a newb I am :D

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