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[Buffhead] Building a list

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[Buffhead] Building a list

Post#1 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:53 pm

Been working on this for some time now, starting to run out of ideas so I thought I would share it here and hopefully get some new ideas for what to throw on it.

Everything here is what I would consider important information that you could use to your advantage if you take the time to learn the icons etc... is a good place to learn the icons if you are interested.

1363 IB
1674 BO
8013 Knight
8325 Chosen
9008 SM
9325 BG

Knowing what is and isn't guarded is tremendously helpful for picking targets.

>Heal Debuffs
BW 3569 Playing with Fire
AM 3915 Scatter the Winds
IB 1410 Punishing Knock
RP 1633 Rune of Nullification
SW 9109 Shadow Sting
SL 1434 Deep Wound
WL 9191 Thin The Herd
WH 8112 Punish The False
WH 8099 Blessed Bullets of Confession
BG 9373 Soul Killer
Ch 1773 No More Helpin
Ch 1746 Can't Stop Da Chop
DoK 9602 Curse of Khaine
Mara 8401 Tainted Claw
Sh 1905 Gork's Barbs
SH 1853 Rotten Arrer
WE 9424 Black Lotus Blade
WE 9407 Kiss of Death
Z 3075 Changer's Touch

Knowing when you have a healdebuff on yourself can help you decide whether or not you can be aggressive etc... Knowing what enemies have healdebuffs on them can help you choose a good target as this is a good indicator of what targets are being focused by other people are on your team especially helpful for knowing what targets RDPS like SH/SW are on. Outgoing healdebuffs can help you decide to go for a healer that you might not of otherwise.

>Defensive Morales
631 Confusing Movements
696 Divine Protection^n
610 Distracting Bellow
611 Shield Wall
613 Immaculate Defense
695 Focused Mind (Healer)
674 Focused Mind (RDPS)
652 Concealment
8148 Witchfinder's Protection
9537 Wind-Woven Shell
1970 Feelz No Pain
1575 Armored Plating
8606 Eye of Sheerian
1493 Untouchable
1495 Grievous Harm
1644 Mountain Spirit
950 Sprout Carapace
9382 Armor of Eternal Servitude
9386 Khaine's Warding
1723 Walk it off!
1799 Dat Tickles!
8372 Tzeentch's Amplification
8378 Impenetrable Armor
9616 Thousand and One Dark Blessings
673 Misdirection
8455 Forked Aggression
8454 Lashing Power
1970 Feelz No Pain
8611 Tzeentch’s Shielding
9302 Isha's Ward
1424 Strength In Numbers
1420 Gromril Plating
1419 Skin of Iron
8075 Flawless Defense
9075 Shield of Valor
9058 Bladeshield
8308 Gift of Life

Knowing when you have defensive morale like say Eye of Sheerian from your zealot can help you in deciding if you can push or be aggressive, and knowing when an enemy has a certain defensive morale up can help you decide when to say drop a burst rotation or go for another target for the time being.

1368 IB
1679 BO
8021 Knight
8333 Chosen
9013 SM
9332 BG

30% damage debuff is pretty brutal, knowing when you have this on you can help you remove it if you have a decent ability to do if you have time too. For instance WL with whirling axe can remove a challenge from a tank if it's in range in 1.5 seconds.

1595 Rune of Preservation (RP)
1753 Outta My Face! (Ch)
9555 Terrifying Vision (DoK)
8477 Horrifying Visions (Magus)
8402 Wave of Horror (Mara)
3863 Stop Hittin' Me (Shaman)
1918 Look Over There! (Shaman)
760 Whazat Behind You?! (Shaman/SH)
9474 Dread Aspect (Sorc)
1827 Don't Eat Me (SH)
9392 Enchanting Beauty (WE)
8621 Chaotic Blur (Z)
9265 Walk Between Worlds (AM)
9256 Dissipating Hatred (AM)
8162 Smoke Screen (BW)
1516 Addling Shot (Engi)
1595 Rune of Preservation (RP)
9089 Distracting Shot (SW)
1441 Distracting Roar (SL)
8245 Repent (WP)
9169 Submission (WL)
8088 Get Thee Behind Me (WH)
3471 Concussive Runes (RP)

Knowing when you are and aren't detaunted, and when a detaunt is about to end can help you in choosing good targets or pulling off from one. Same thing as guard basically.

>Offensive Morales, including morale based debuffs such as inc HD
649 Unshakable Focus
606 Demolishing Strike
608 Champion's Challenge
9459 Death Reaper
8449 Flames of Fate
9224 Ensnare
8605 Tzeentch's Talon
8070 Emperor's Champion
1576 Cannon Smash
1803 Yer Goin Down!
9617 Vision of Torment
9606 Universal Confusion
1972 Steal Yer Thunder
9543 Crippling Terror
9544 Paralyzing Nightmares
9466 Overwhelming Dread
9459 Death Reaper
8607 Suppressing The Fragile Unbelievers
8613 Windblock
1418 Rock Clutch
8069 No Escape
3029 Instill Fear
1501 Looks Like a Challenge
1499 Unleashed Power
9076 Shadow Blades
8304 Penance
8153 Excommunicate

Can help you in situations where you might want to kite out or detaunt/play safe, or best choose what to detaunt etc... or if you have CC say for instance you are on a RP and you see a SW with unshakable focus you can stagger them and totally ruin their day.

>Strong Debuffs, including 5+ second CC abilities
9249 Drain Magic
1911 Yer Not So Bad
8418 Cutting Claw
9192 Force Opportunity
1691 Not in da face
1772 Tired Already
1464 Shatter Limbs
8165 Boiling Blood
9475 Word of Pain
9349 Choking Fury
8419 Draining Swipe
1756 Drop Da Basha
1444 Numbing Strike
3443 Crippling Strikes
9333 Crush The Weak
1690 Ya Missed Me
14975 Resurrection Illness
8424 Thunderous Blow
8431 Deeply Impaled
3060 Exhaustive Strikes
3220 Hurts, Don't It?
3218 You Got Nuthin!
9500 Gloom of Night
1850 Bad Gas!
1846 Shrapnel Arrer
3027 Aethyric Shock
9253 Law of Gold
1521 Signal Flare
3368 Concussive Mine
3028 Rune of Binding
3929 Glass Arrow
3540 Dazzling Strike
3178 Blurring Shock
1676 Skull Thumper
245 Flee
3032 Agile Escape
3033 Declare Anathema
3630 Land Mine
8541 Daemonic Infestation

A lot of stuff here I can't get too deep into, but things like cooldown increasers might help you decide to go for a healer you normally wouldn't, parry/block debuffs from choppa/slayer can help you melt tanks, knowing if you have an AP drain on yourself might let you know to play a bit more conservatively and not spam etc... Seeing what targets have BB/WoP can help you know what targets your sorc/BW are on.

>Snare/root Immunities
9173 WL
8095 WH
1445 Slayer
1757 Choppa
8408 Mara
9395 WE

Let's you save your CC until it's over. Focused mind and Resolute Defense would also fall under this category.

>Offensive Buffs
8421 Mutated Aggressor
9189 Primal Fury
9420 Elixir of Insane Power
8111 Seal of Destruction
9397 Feinted Positioning (WE)
8092 Feinted Positioning (WH)
1459 Rampage
8043 Runefang
3303 Chop Fasta!
3539 Whispering Wind
1380 Oathbound

Same thing as offensive Morales in terms of use. Also want to use whispering wind/chop fasta as an example here as something that you would want in both hostile and self trackers, since it's good information to have if it's on yourself or on an enemy.

>Defensive Buffs
8108 Shroud of Magnus
9426 Elixir of the Cauldron
8034 Vigilance
8109 Repel Blasphemy
1527 Flak Jacket
8492 Daemonic Armor
9350 Bolstering Anger
1388 Grumble An' Mutter
9346 Force of Fury
1380 Oathbound
8403 Gift of Monstrosity
9346 Force of Fury
9345 None Shall Pass
9347 Elite Training
3762 Tzeentch's Reflection
8335 Suppression
1932 Don' Feel Nuthin
1928 Shrug It Off
3773 Mark of Remaking
9272 Magical Infusion
1388 Grumble An' Mutter
9090 Assault Stance

Resolute Defense (ability code doesn't seem to work for the rest of these just type in the names)
Embrace the Warp
Grimnir's Shield

Knowing these lets you again decide whether or not to go for that target or if you want to change what you are doing. No point in casting on a WE/WH with disrupt buff, or going for a knight with vigilance up. Only doing these for classes I play atm, feel free to post your own classes clutter and I'll add them here.

>Clutter Removal
3687 Nature's Theft of Strength
3688 Nature's Theft of Intelligence
3689 Nature's Theft of Willpower
3690 Nature's Theft of Toughness
3691 Nature's Theft of Initiative
3692 Nature's Theft of Weapon Skill
3693 Nature's Theft of Ballistic Skill
3232 Brute's Theft of Strength
3233 Brute's Theft of Intelligence
3234 Brute's Theft of Willpower
3235 Brute's Theft of Toughness
3236 Brute's Theft of Initiative
3237 Brute's Theft of Weapon Skill
3238 Brute's Theft of Ballistic Skill
3705 Inquisitor's Fury (self buff)
3782 Blessed Bullets of Purity (self buff)
3832 Feeding On Fear (self buff)
3148 Hastened Doom (self buff)
3375 Hastened Doom (debuff)
3374 Filled with Fury (self buff)

402-408 + 412-414 Unstoppable/Immovable (these were set to always ignore for all friendly and group members)

I like to also remove the guard buff from myself if I'm playing a tank (always ignore on self), and always show my outgoing guard on other (always show on party members). Refer to the guard section for the exact code for each class. I also highly recommend going into User Settings>Interface>Center Screen Messages, and unticking every box, these are totally unnecessary and just clutter up your screen. In unitframe options of Enemy, you can always select the "Guard" drop down menu and adjust the size of the overhead "G" and guard distance shield indicator which are imo set far too large as default.

14427 Pick Lock
7244 Lasting Elixir of Mending (heal over time pot)
The file itself: (updated 7/18/17)

The contents of this folder overwrites...

Warhammer Online - Age of Reckoning\user\settings\Martyrs Square\<YOUR CHARACTER NAME>\<YOUR CHARACTER NAME>\BuffHead

You have to do it for each character, at least this is how I am doing it. If anyone knows an easier way tell me.

To get into buffhead settings in game type /buffhead and the UI will pop up. From here you can change performance settings, add/remove abilities, etc... if you want to fine tune this to your own liking.
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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#2 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 4:58 pm

Requesting sticky! Very helpful information.

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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#3 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:05 pm

As a healer you might want to have all of the above plus cleansable debuffs on.

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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#4 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:08 pm

shaggyboomboom wrote:As a healer you might want to have all of the above plus cleansable debuffs on.
I have found that it cloggs up the display and you loose sight of the important icons to watch for, I find it easier to cleanse every, or there about, chance I get just to clean up the group.

But a valid point none the less.
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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#5 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:09 pm

shaggyboomboom wrote:As a healer you might want to have all of the above plus cleansable debuffs on.
Theres a setting in buffhead that automatically shows debuffs that you can remove. But as far as I know there is no way to visually organize in what order they will be removed. From my short time playing healer the only time I bothered cleansing single target was when I was healing a clean target and was able to catch what debuff was thrown on 1st and if it was worth it, for instance force opportunity... a lot of WL's like to open with it since DoK's can't cleanse it.
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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#6 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:15 pm

Also if you want to brush up on what the icons are, just go to...

All the icons are there, I could match the icons with the names but that would be a tremendous time investment I'm not really prepared to do atm. I guess as it stands now this list is more or less for advanced players but it could be turned into a guide of sorts later with some more effort.

Just playing with these on will also allow you to pick them up as you go, so no real need to "study" them intensely or anything. Maybe if you see something you don't recognize look it up.
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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#7 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:40 pm

Great post, thanks

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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#8 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:33 pm

I don't understand this data. Is this only for addons developers? Can I make any use of this?

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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#9 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:36 pm

DonBandi wrote:I don't understand this data. Is this only for addons developers? Can I make any use of this?
type /buffhead

under trackers section you input the ones you want under "always show" in the relevant tables for self/hostile/group etc...
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Re: [Buffhead] Building a list

Post#10 » Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:39 pm

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