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Guide: Accessory Item Unification

Posted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 5:16 pm
by wargrimnir
This is from patch notes brought up in Feb 2017 that we occasionally get questions about, so I figured a short overview of the changes in a guide post would be helpful to understand where these items were reassigned, and why.

All unified items are now split to their appropriate factions.

Tank items are shared between tank classes, and the racial Medium Armor MDPS class.
Melee DPS items are shared between melee classes (including Dok/WP), and the racial Tank class.
Healer items are shared only between healers.
Caster items are shared between healers and casters. (occasionally INT will appear as an option for melee healers, ignore it)
Ballistic items are shared between ballistic users.

Examples (not all variations are included)

- Chosen Chaos Seal - Useable by Chosen, Black Orc, Blackguard, Marauder
- Marauder Rend Ring - Useable by Marauder, Choppa, Disciple of Khaine, Chosen (DoK is considered Melee)
- Zealot Change Ring - Useable by Zealot, Shaman, Disciple of Khaine
- Magus Warp Pendant - Useable by Magus, Sorceress, Zealot, Shaman (DoK is not a caster)
- Blackguard Dark Band - Useable by Blackguard, Black Orc, Chosen (neither WE or DoK are Medium Armor)
- Squig Herder Squig Teef - Useable by Squig Herder
- Engineer Band - Useable by Engineer, Shadow Warrior
- Bright Wizard Ember Ring - Useable by Bright Wizard, Runepriest, Archmage (WP is not an INT-based Caster)