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Guide: Reporting Rule Violations

You are expected to have read and understood the rules and guidelines and behave accordingly.

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Guide: Reporting Rule Violations

Post#1 » Sun May 29, 2016 9:57 am

If you want to report players because they violate our Ingame Terms of Use please follow these instructions.


  • - Feel free to use the in-game report function. This is found in the Help menu in-game.
  • - Reports need to be corroborated with evidence. Different violations require different types of evidence. Look at the list below for further information.
  • - You can upload videos @ YouTube, Vimeo or Tinypic (no registration needed) - Youtube is preferred
  • - You can upload images @ Imgur, Postimage or Tinypic - Imgur is preferred
  • - Please note that not everything that you might think is violation is in fact a violation. Consult the Terms of Use before you report someone.
  • - Don`t create a thread about your report. Any such threads will be deleted on sight.
  • - Reports without evidence will not be dealt with.

  1. Take a screenshot or record a video that shows the rule violations.
  2. Upload the evidence to one of the aforementioned sites.
  3. Send the evidence (links to videos and pictures) and a description to wargrimnir or any other GM as a private message. If you can't send personal messages on the forum, check the GMs' profiles and use the email provided there.

Report Chat and Player Interaction
  • If you want to report a player because they violated the rules regarding chat and/or player Interaction, take screenshots of the whole conversation. We need the conversation start and end, not only the part that include the violation.

Report Exploits / Hacks / Cheats
  • There are a few different exploits/hacks/cheats. The best way to report them is to record a video that clearly shows these actions. A video is important because in many cases screenshots are not enough.
[email protected] for exploits and cheaters. Some old WAR blog


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