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Balance Mod Application

Post#1 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 1:25 pm

I would like to apply for the vacant position of Balance Moderator.

Why me:

* I have been playing on ROR since the server came to be, and thus I am well versed and familiarised with RoR-specific changes to classes.

* I have played (all 40+) a great many classes, with the intent being to use them within a group setting - even if they are deemed bad by the general population.

* I have a thorough understanding of game mechanics from both a solo perspective (I have done a lot of dueling, helped organise events, done the solo play route), and a group play perspective (leader of Fusion, which focuses on synergising classes, honing talent and improving player's team skills, also hosted several group events).

* I am realm fluid. I play both realms extensively, and thus feel that this stands me in good ground when looking at potential suggestions; the idea of realm bias, or letting an inherent affinity towards one realm, influencing my decisions/comments is an alien one to me.

* I am an active forum contributor, as well as RoR gamer. I am very passionate about the game, hence the volume of suggestions/vids/general help in posts.

* For those that know me, you will know that I am only interested in two things: balanced & competent play. I would strive to ensure that suggestions are kept within the realms of both possibility (pending on what the team are currently able to do), and fairness (nothing overperforming, ensuring something has valid counters made available to the opposing team, the idea of risk-reward).

* I have a very thick skin.

As a Balance Moderator, I would ensure that arguments brought to the table match two criteria: 1) you must be able to back-up and support your claim (you must be able to show proof of something overperforming, underperforming, or warranting a change as per your suggestion); 2) your suggestions have to revolve around playing within a group/WB. I feel strongly about the latter, as if we are to have a game with PvP that is both fun and challenging, we must balance around playing with other people.



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