[Subforum German Patchnotes Translation] if help is needed.

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[Subforum German Patchnotes Translation] if help is needed.

Post#1 » Mon Jul 31, 2017 9:53 am


i know that we have a german subforum moderator with Idrinth, but if it would help i could spare the time to make patchnotes translation into german. A small sign of gratitude toward this great project that gives me so much fun.

I`m Noergl in the forum and ingame, i`m co guild leader of the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers, i organise our events with Glorian/Lesti.
In the past i helped Ryan out with the Keg event, some Gotrek/Felix rpg, i`m active ingame and on the forum. Despite my main engagement in the BT i like to play lots of different toons, so i´m running around on destro side too... and no, i don´t xrealm, if i decide to play something i stay true to that side for that night.
Im German, 51 years old, my grasp of the english language should be sufficient for translating patches.

I dont apply as a full time gm or moderator, as i wouldn`t have the time for that. Besides, my ingame playtime is more than enough occupied with our guild and planing event/rpg things.

I`ve seen there is someone making translations (Morthar), but it seems they come in sporadic and not to often.
Let me know if patchnotes translations by me would be of any help.

Yours sincerely
Lorekeeper Noergl Morgrimsfind & Sgt.Maj.Finvjer Hugnirsson
(Co-leader of 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers)


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