Map Design and HD Remake?

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Map Design and HD Remake?

Post#1 » Fri Mar 03, 2017 2:16 am

Hello there I am Twistbane on these forums but more commonly known as Aquila I am from the UK but I am also proud of being half Canadian I am 18 as of writing this post and I have been a PC Gamer since the age of 6 I am also a huge car enthusiast but If I go any further into the topic of cars I won' stop :D, I have been keeping my eye on this project since it first became public and I have more recently become more active on the forums and in game due to the need of a quality game that is not only hugely nostalgic to me but also still after all these years something that feels fresh and new.

I love to make maps and have done so in several of my own projects in Unity and in Unreal Engine, now I am aware that ROR isn't operating via either of those engines, Imagine the possibilities! But I have come across a patch of free time and would love to learn whatever I need to work on this wonderful timeless MMO.

I would also be interested in learning to 3D model with this spare time and helping to maybe refurb some of the old models and give a new lease of life to this game.

If you have any questions please just ask, sorry for my brief application I'm not the greatest at written applications I suppose stand up is more my thing :D


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