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Bugtracker manager application

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Bugtracker manager application

Post#1 » Tue Jun 21, 2016 1:20 pm


Just found my way to RoR and I find myself euphoric about an opportunity to return to the old world after a long abscence.

After a few day's pondering, I've decided I want to try to contribute to the work you are doing here. I'd like to put myself (and some of my time) at your disposal.

So what do you get if you let me work with you?
Basically, you'll get an IT/business consultant with a focus on Test management and Agile processes.

Though I'm a little bit hesitant to work close to the code, I would describe myself as a well-rounded software tester with a flare for processes and a tendacy for visualising problems and solutions - my core philosophy being to "do the right things before doing the things right".

Depending on how you guys work together, you may find my particular skillset either suits your way of working or not. If you're not keen on having someone asking you questions about the impact a fix of a defect could've had, or if the particular fix you worked on could be extended to cover other defects aswell, then I'm probably not the right fit. If you like to discuss ways to messure how your work impacts the overall game experience or if you enjoy having a clear overview of the workload with decent tracking of how it all hangs together, then I'm more likely to be your guy.



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