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C# developer application

Help us with developing new features or fix up existing ones. This is the place to apply. C# for game engine, C++ for tools.

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C# developer application

Post#1 » Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:59 pm


So name might ring a bell, i was pretty surprised to see my name in the former team list - nice feature you added there.

Back in 2015 I used to help out with the database, when I was like 2 semesters in my bachelor of science degree in software engineering.

Since then I finished my degree, got into work for a major project I can't elaborate on due to confidentiality but I can say it's frontend was C#. (we moved to web eventually)

Recently, I got promoted to team leader for development and my time programming got reduced into almost nothing, so I started looking for a project on my own free time that I can contribute to.

And then I found myself thinking about this project, and seeing the progress you made and the shape the project is in I decided I want to propose myself for contribution to the source code - even if it's just for the couple of hours I have free every other day.

I believe that accepting me would provide the team with a knowledgeable developer and an experienced team member.

Looking forward to your response.


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